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Kinder-2nd Grade PE

Course Description

Welcome to Mrs. Winbauer's online home school PE class!
Here I will share videos, links and assignments for you to meet your PE minutes each week!
Hang tight as I get this rolling and we will stay healthy and in shape together!
This cannot replace the in person time I spend with you as I miss you all so much, but I hope the interaction we get online and live will bridge that gap :)
*To start, please print this tracker if possible or just keep a running record of your activities!
Mrs. Winbauer

Upcoming Assignments See all

Could not find any upcoming assignments due.

See all posted assignments for this class.


Monday 6/1 Lesson- LAST WEEK!

Please head to our PE flipgrid site to see todays assignments. 
I hope you all have a great last week of school and I look forward to seeing you next week at drop off and 5th grade promotion drive thru!
Mrs. Winbauer

Happy Thursday! 5/28 Lesson

Watch this video and then head to our flipgrid site https://flipgrid.com/f90ae1ec :) Mrs. Winbauer

5/26 Lesson

Good morning! Watch this video and then head to our flipgrid site for the lesson of the day! https://flipgrid.com/6400f1f0

Thankful Thursday Lesson

HI Kids! 
Today is Thankful Thursday, where we take a moment to be grateful for what we have and GET to do! Remember all those talks about "getting" to do something? Well, we GET to exercise and use some fun videos that we don't have at school like Fortnite!
Click this link to head to our Flipgrid site https://flipgrid.com/e9ae243b
I hope you like this video I chose for you today :)
Mrs. Winbauer

HIIT Workout for today!

Good Morning, good morning, good morning to you....Today is a great day, what ya gonna DO!
I hope you can still sing this song as if you were a morning class of mine you've heard it soooo many times!
Today CAN be a great day, and what we are gonna do is a HITT workout :)
High Intensity Interval Training 
Click this link and get started!
You can also upload a video clip of you perforning this workout to our flipgrid website! Click this link to head there https://flipgrid.com/mrswinbauerpe
Have great day!
Mrs. Winbauer

Field Day Torch Run

Checkout this awesome video clip of the torch run into California!
Use this flipgrip website to upload your videos of the events you have been practicing :)
Have a fun day and I will be watching you all in Flipgrid!!!
Mrs. Winbauer

Field Day Event Activity Packet #3

Here is the final packet of events for the National Field Day Event we will have next week! 
Make sure to practice the events you want to perform and then be ready to upload yourself via video to our Flipgrid site!
I will post more on that next week.
Enjoy your weekend :)
Mrs. Winbauer

HIIT Workout

Its Totally Tubular Tuesday and we have a fun workout to do!
HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training a fun and fast workout for you and anyone else that wants to join :)
I really miss seeing you all and hope you are well. 
I will be on Zoom today at 10 and we can go over how your doing with the field day activities and what you need help with :)
See you soon!
Mrs. Winbauer

Week #5

Happy Monday!
This week please focus on the 4 events that were posted on Friday and use the tracking sheet for those games. 
I will be in my zoom class most days from 10am-11am 
click this link to join!
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