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Kristy Winbauer » Mrs. Winbauer's PE Class

Mrs. Winbauer's PE Class

Welcome Mira Cat students! 
As the year starts there are a few important items I'd like to address with you all.
1. Footwear: Its very important you wear appropriate shoes for your PE days. Appropriate footwear would be closed toed shoes with support and preferably tread on the bottom, aka athletic shoes. This will help you stay safe and be able to participate at all times.  
2. Clothing: Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely when sitting, standing, jumping, tumbling etc. Dresses, skirts or skorts can be restrictive to the students ability to use certain equipment.  
3. Reusable water bottles: Its in the students best interest to bring their own water with their name/initials on it. We have only one fountain that services 70+ students during PE.
4. Excuse Notes: If the student is unable to participate in any or all of the days activities he/she must have a note from parent/guardian that excuses them for that day or both days of PE that week if specified (this will also mean they are restricted from participating in recess and lunch recess). If the student needs to be out longer than that day or week he/she must bring a doctors note which will also be given to Mrs. Rosas, our Health Clerk.
 5. Heat: In the past few years we've had lengthy heat waves that affect our ability to exercise at a high capacity. Please be assured that during the hot days myself along with our Principal will make the safest decision on how much activity you will be having for PE.  Here is a link the district has provided in reference to sports activity and heat. Hot Weather Guidelines for Athletics
6. Health Concerns: Any health concerns or needs the student has must be relayed to me ASAP along with written documentation to the Health Clerk. 
7. Grading: Students are graded based on their behavior and participation. 
I look forward to having you all in class and participating in various activities expanding your athletic education and abilities!
I look forward to having you all in class and participating in various activities expanding your athletic education and abilities!

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Skechers Walk

Skechers Walk, What you need to know now:

Please register yourself and your families at www.skechersfriendshipwalk.com , search for the Mira Catalina team and click "Join Team" to register. 

Please note: you can register dogs, cats, fish, grandparents, etc... AND you can use a "fake" email address. It's all good!  

Our community goal is 4,500 walkers!

The Walk is Sunday, October 23rd

Registration fee is now $30/walker

We STRONGLY encourage people to register rather than just donate. Of course any donations are welcome and appreciated -- it's just that the way the funding works, Skechers gives back the entire $30 registration fee PLUS some calculated amount of the sponsorship money. Last year, 4,300 walkers generated $240,000!! We do not get the same dollar for dollar (and then some) funding on donations.

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Olympics 2016

 Welcome to PE Olympics!
I am very excited for our student athletes to participate in a worldwide event.
Opening Ceremonies will begin the week of September 5th on the first day of PE for your athlete. Please remind them to wear their countries colors. They've spent time this week making their team flags so they should know what country they are.
Events that will be held are as follows:
50 meter dash
Kayaking (scooterboard races)
Soccer shootouts
Basketball Shootouts
Fencing (pool noodles)
Shot put
to name a few.
Have a great weekend and see you next week!
Mrs. Winbauer