March 23-25 Assignments

Hello Room 13 Families,

I hope you all a great weekend.

Here are the assignments for Monday thru Wed.

I will try to keep the schedule similar to last week. We are continuing with Unit 4 week 5 and finishing up Chapter 10 math. Do what you can when you can, I realize each household is under different circumstances.

Monday March 23

Daily Starter

Today would be the 128th day have you child make a number grid showing what number is before, after, 10 more and 10 less.

I class we were graphing the weather, today place a cup outside to make a rain catcher. Observe how much rain was collected.

Language Arts

Journal: favorite thing you did this weekend 2 paragraphs

You should all have your yellow journals & word books now

Iready reading (please don’t help your child with the

answers it adjusts to your child’s level)

            Reread Penni & Koko look for long e sound spelling words

            Practice page 206


            Workbook pages 11-15

Reflex till green light


Mystery Science (if portal link doesn’t work use class site link)

Mini lesson: how does hand sanitizer kill germs

PE log

Tuesday March 24, 2020

Daily Starter

Check your rain cup

Write 5 or more problems equaling 129

Language Arts on portal

Practice page 207& 208

Journal: Tell me what your favorite breakfast food is and why?

Iready Reading


Math textbook 24-26 read and discuss


Science: if portal link doesn’t work then access on class site link

Brainpop jr (username mcatalina  password brainpop)

     Science go to

            Weather go to

                         Temperature watch movie

 then do draw about it


Wednesday March 25 2020

  PE, Library & Music day @ school

PE Weather permitting do something active outdoors be sure to fill in PE log


Daily starter Write 130 in word form. Is it odd or even?


Math workbook page 17 & 18


 Library today be sure to read some stories of your choice 20min at least. 

          Typing ,com


Music Sing songs and/ or listen to music


Language Arts

Grammar page 100

Spelling sheet 100


I will breakdown the rest on the week on Thursday’s post.

Thank you and please email with any questions or concerns