March 19-20th assignments

Hi Room 13

I want to remind you all this is an example of what would have been done in class. You can complete work any way that works for your household.

Thursday  March 19, 2020

Today will be the 126th day on school. Have your child show as many ways as they can math problems that equal 126.

Reading groups: we would spend 20 min on each topic

*Practice page 203-205 fold book read three times and answer    questions on pg 205

* journal Tell me your favorite part of being at home or any other topic of your choice.

* Iready reading

*Read Saving Mountain Gorilla in your big reader pg 138

*spelling page 100


workbook pages for Lesson 2 pg 7-10

Reflex till you get a green light (the whole circle should be fill green)


Brainpop jr on camouflage.

After watching the movie press the write about it tab at bottom do the activity

Brainpop jr: Username is: mcatalina

password is: brainpop

PE: Fill in your PE log




Friday March 20, 2020


Our day would have started with PE so be sure to make time to fill in your PE Log sometime today


Today would be day 127 so write as many problems as you can that equal 127

Spelling test, have some one at home give you a spelling test. If everyone is busy write your spelling words three times each.



Lesson 3 pg 18-20 in textbooks

Reflex Math or Iready math their choice


Read a book or two of your choice

Fun Friday

Finish any unfinished work from the week. If all done shut down all your electronics and play!


You did it!  


Enjoy your weekend!