email message: thank you & frequent questions 3/16

Hello Everyone,

Well we made it through the first day. I appreciate all your patience and effort into helping your child get set up for the weeks’ assignments. Through the feedback today some were able to maneuver easier through the sites than others. So, if you come to something that you can’t find, don’t worry as you and your child familiarize yourselves with the site it should get easier.

Here are some of the answers to the questions I got today that others may also want to know:

* I wanted to let you know the work can be done at your pace. Please do worry if you can’t complete it all, each household is different  as each child works differently; what should take ten minutes at school can drag into 30min at home ( I get it my 8th grader is still working on today assignments) And children work differently with their parents than with me.  So, it is not worth the fight. Let them go on to their portal, they are very familiar with it and everything they push is a learning tool. The days outline is just a guide should you need it.

*All worksheets done can be brought to me when we return. There is no need to email or take pictures. I can see when work is done on reflex,  iready  and wonders (McGraw hill).

*Tonight, I will post the spelling and grammar pages since some couldn’t access them. I will also post journal /story paper if you want to use that ,but any lined paper you have is fine. I will also add an optional shamrock color page and word search just for fun. So when you check the edlio site scroll down to see prior posts. I had already attached the math & practice pages if you had not picked them up at school.

*All  reading texts can be accessed through the mcgraw hill sight, wonders tab  book with squirrel 


Wonders Grade 1


Then the To Do tab   

Then you can see the  list  text and assignments




Big Reader

, Due,06/04


little Reader

, Due,06/04


Sm Reader story unit 4 wk5

, Due,04/15


Grammar Unit 4 Week 5

, Due,04/08


Practice Page Unit 4 week 5

, Due,04/08



, Due,04/08




























You can also see the stories on the read button as well.


Choice 3 and 4 are small reader


  • Lastly Mystery Science is an app on their portal, or you can get to it through edlio class page.




I hope that helps.

Thank you all again have a great week!

Regina Adams