March 16 -March 18 assignments

Hi Room 13
I hope this message find you all well. I wanted to go through the weeks assignments with you. You can work on them at any pace but  for those that want to run their day as we would in school this is what I had planned. 
During reading groups we would introduce the Essential Question for the week, vocab words and Spelling rule all found in the Reading/Writing Workshop text (we call the small reader in class) starting on page 92. Then we read the story in that book From Puppy to Guide Dog pg 98.
They would do Your Turn  Practice  Workbook page 199-200 
They would do Iready Reading for 15-20 
They would write in journal about there weekend 2 paragraph and draw and color a picture to match. 
Give the spelling pre test pg 96
Do  spelling sheet 97, 98 
During Math 
We had just started Chapter 10
We were on lesson 2 page 13 in hard cover text. We would have gone over pages 13-14 as a group. 
Then 15 min of Reflex math, you goal at home now is to play till they get a green light.
Science: Mystery Science lesson Why are Polar Bears White 
you can hit the mystery science tab on our class page, then go to the 1st grade section. 
In Reading  read the story in the Literature Anthology ( Big Reader) Read Koko and Penni page 130. 
Practice page 201 and 202. on page 202 use the Koko and Penni story to fill in the chart. 
Iready reading for 20 min
Writing : Write a story about what you would do if you woke up and had the powers of a Leprechaun. Tell me about your day. Use sequence words we have been using like first, next, then and lastly. Be sure your story has a beginning middle and end. Add a beautiful detailed picture. 
Grammar page 96-97
During Math we would do a hands on activity. Have your child weigh some items. Point out weight on label etc. Ideas in text book pg 15
Reflex till you get a green light. 
Would be our fun day at school PE, Library & Music
So today be sure to read some stories of your choice 20min at least. 
Share something fun you did in music class with your family. 
Weather permitting do something active outdoors be sure to fill in PE log (sheet on a separate post).
Iready math for 20min. 
Brain pop on adjectives & adverbs 
Grammar page 98-99
Spelling sheet  99
I will breakdown the rest on the week on Thursdays post.
Thank you  and please email with any questions or concerns