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Narratives: Our Shared Writing Page

The night sky was so dark it was as black as ink. The stars twinkle in the sky like fireflies along a creek in a meadow. The clouds look like a spider’s web stretched across the dark night sky. The bright crescent moon, the twinkling stars, and the webbed clouds reflected a fuzzy picture on the surface of the lake. 
I was nervous. I was shaking like the tail of a rattle snake nervous. It was time to give speeches for Student Counsel and I was running for President of Mira Catalina. I set up posters all over school, “vote for me, Betty Spaghetti for Student Council President!’’ My speech was not one of those that promised crazy things, had rhyming words, or anything fancy. I was just going to tell everybody what the important issues were and what we needed at our school. You know, boring stuff, but I was still a wreck. The next step was everyone was supposed to go back to our classrooms and vote. The time was moving slow like a turtle walking up hill. Finally, the end of the school day! The loudspeaker came on. We all wanted to hear the election results. `` Betty Spaghetti’’, I was excited when I heard the principal say my name, ``you are our new President of Mira Catalina!!!!!!One day my mom said she was going the bring my dog to school when she picks me up. When school got out, I didn’t see my mom. I was nerves that if something happened. My best friend said that her mom was going to take me to my mom. I was confused. So, when we got there, she was one block away. Seeing my calm and patient Black and white dog in the trunk of the car simmering in the sun like a big glittery rook siting there. I got out of my friend mom’s car and waved goodbye as they drove off. I then asking my mom lots and lots of questions like how did this happened, and when are we still going to the park. It feels like it is as gloomy as a rainy day.
Contemplating the thing I was most worried about was how are we going to get home? After a while I remembered that when we bought the car the guy that was selling it said that if you ever get a flat tire there's a manual saying how to change a flat tire and where the tire is. I looked in the dashboard and l found it. My mom and I read the directions, brought out all of the tools. Next, we began to fix the tire. Before I knew it, we were on our way to the park. Even though we didn’t have too much time to spend at the park, but it was good enough for me.
December 13, 1789
This is my first diary entry I got this as a birthday gift. my father is a simple man and given me this diary to write in so one day I can look back at my past. we are celebrating my birthday quietly in our small adobe house for it can get us kicked out if they hear us. for the only 2 birthdays can hele here the missionary daughter Margret and jesses. I must stop writing for my pine sap is running out.
December 14,1789
I just finished my chores and sweep picked the oranges and kiwi, nuts, pears. grinding the corn for tortillas, feed the chickens, sowing. I have been getting pine and gathering feathers from the chicken's cope my dad has been teaching me English so I can say the priers and not get hit having to switch homes and switch languages. My life is not running on the beach and playing with my dad anymore now its work and church. The mission said ‘‘a girl does not need to read or write.’’
Sunday December 15,1789
It is against the rules to do anything expected go to church on a Sunday at church you have to stay all day it is the dusk of night I must keep hiding the diary under my pillow for my dad is waking up I have to stop writing. Or he will not get his sleep
December 31,1789
The missionary said we can celebrate if we get our chores down fast if we didn't get all our chores down by 3 sharp we can’t celebrate. I must do my work now.

January 1, 1790
We got to celebrate but the person how got to prepare the party was Margert. she was given 3 dollars and I heard that she used only 0.20 cents and the other $2.80 on clothes.
January 3,1790
My dad woke me up and tolled my we are going to leave and pack my things in a potato bag. He said he has been weighting to his friend and ask if we can live at the farm and said yes. We had to be silent and clime the wall fast and quietly. his friend was on the other side of the wall we jumped in the wagon and didn’t look back. We just arrived at the farm and I am happy to start are now live and be happy here.  
Draft Model

The night sky was dark. I was cuddled up in my bed. Since I was scared of the dark, I pulled the blankets over my weary face, but I caught a glance of the stars. I realized they were more attractive than people described them. Wanting to see more, I got out of my warm and soft bed. Creeping down the stairs like a mouse, I opened the front door hoping nobody would wake up. Nothing could stop me from seeing the glittering sky. From time to time there would be clouds in the sky. Sometimes when I am at my grandmas, I can see the stars reflect down on the ocean. When looking at the stars I feel like I am floating, and nothing can irritate me (although nobody is awake). Once the stars caught my eye I couldn’t turn away. They look magical in the sky, almost as if it is an art project, a black piece of paper with glitter on it.
It was a hot summer day. The grass as green as ripe cucumbers. Swans filed their ducklings in the pond. Above in the trees, squirrels fight over acorns. The play structure was full of kids of all ages. The sky looked like blue cotton candy.
My dad and I always get along and help each other. When he fixes the sink, I give him the tools. On the other hand, when I have tournament he always is there. One day we went to the park to teach my brother to ride his bike. Dad only focused on Jase, my younger brother. I got kind of jealous when he wouldn’t focus on me at all. He even yelled at me because I was trying to get his attention.
I ran over to a tree and started sobbing. My dad came running over asking if I was ok, and if something was wrong. I replied with, “ Im fine I just need a hug.”. I also told him I didn’t like how he was giving all the attention to Jase. He said he will try to pay more attention to me, and we hugged it out. He kept his promise, like always. That was the worst day of my life
December 14
It was a cold day. The ground was covered in white snow that looked like cotton. The snow dripped through the ceiling into tin buckets.
I got out my ink that almost was a black ice cube. I was so excited, anyway. Tomorrow is my birthday! I was spying on Ramona this morning and saw her knitting a quilt in the sewing room. Every time I write a word I squeal. Today Miguela asked me if I had seen her diary. She said, “Have you seen my diary, the one I threw into the fountain.” I replied with “No”. All day I wondered why she wanted it.
December 15
Today I barely knew it was my birthday. When I went out in the yard, I saw a strange boy in the fields. At first, I thought it was one of Miguela’s admires, but then I saw he was actually working. I watched him all day, and he seemed very slow. Along with that he hardly interacted with anybody.
I thought and thought all day as to why he might be here. But all I came up with was, he needed money and a job, or his family died and needed a place to stay. Probably both combined.
All day I was thinking about the boy and never thought twice about my birthday. So, when I walked into the cabin, I saw a cake sitting there with presents wrapped with beautiful ribbon. I was delighted. First, we cut the mini cake which was delicious. Next, I opened my presents which were a quilt from Ramona, and a beautiful coat from Miguela that was surprising. That was how my crazy day went.
An ant fell from a tree, on top of a very confused mole, who also thought it would make good food for her babies. As she carried it over to her burrow, a wise, barn owl saw her and shook his head. Why did she even bother hunting for those small, insignificant, not very meaty ants when just over the hill, at the big, square, red nest, there were enough juicy rats to last a fledgling a lifetime? He swooped down to tell her about it. When she heard, she thanked the owl and her and the babies moved right away. The owl helped them, carrying some of the petite, doll-sized bags. Upon arriving, they saw a young girl, about twelve years old struggling to pack to go to summer camp, unlike the moles, who had just moved for their whole lives.
Summer camp! The very thought of it makes me want to throw up! All this packing and packing and packing! Ugh! Lying down on my bed, I stare up the sky light. I look at the stars, each twinkling one at a time. I wonder if stars ever had to leave for summer camp. Not long after, I have drifted into Sleep world. I dream about yellow buses, llamas, and balloons, and a summer camp for stars. The whole thing was about as silly as the gum commercial that kept playing in my head. Before I know it, I’m being shoved onto the summer camp bus with some bacon in my right hand, and my bags in my left. The four-hour bus ride goes very quickly when you are sleeping. The bus lurched to a stop. That was when I chose to wake up. As we got out, everyone started to soak in the surrounding area, starting with the creaky, hanging wooden sign. The camp is called Your Place to Become a Space Ace. I honestly thought that the name was as trash as the camp looked. It was made half of wood and the other half was duct tape. There was no town in sight. My cabin was no better. There was a grass floor with dirty wooden bunk beds. At least the activities were all going to be tomorrow. Sighing, I slumped down on my horrid excuse for a bunk bed.
The moles weren’t having a very good time either. They had just figured out that they couldn’t eat rats! They told the owl that this was all a waste of time. The owl said," What a pity. You didn’t see any of the property or restaurants.” “On second thought, we’ll stay” said Ms. Mole.
My horrid excuse for a bunk bed could not even contain me. The moment I flopped down on it; the bed collapsed on top of (guess who) me! Three hours later, I found myself in a hospital getting my ankle examined. Who knew! There was a nearest hospital, but not a nearest town? “The camp director came a couple of minutes ago and told me that you are going to have to go back to your house,” said the doctor. “Because of my foot?” “No,” he replied “their check bounced.” “What!” “Moreover” said the doctor, “ You have to get a babysitter! Your parents went to Greece for their anniversary!”

The moist, green, peaceful grass sighed, happy due to its break from the heavy, noisy children. The vacant, dull, classrooms would have overwhelmed a decorator. The dark, empty halls led to the cold, children-filled auditorium. Sweaty, terrified kids were giving lengthy, dull speeches on a podium in the microphones. A bored audience sat on creaky, gray, metal stools whispering silently or secretly playing video games, which they hid from the teachers. Briinngg! The intermission bell!
For intermission, all the students could get flowers for the speakers. It was a gift to show that the other students appreciated all the hours that we had spent in the speech workshop. I loved speech workshop. I made graphic tees, cupcakes, keychains, and more stuff for the kids and teachers who were involved. I loved the clicking sound as I wrote my speech on my tablet. Last Monday was Labor Day, so no one could enter the school. Which meant no speech workshop. Anyway, me and my friend Marcy both got flowers for each other. But Marcy was hesitant to hand me her flowers. You see, Marcy was running for treasurer, too. Soon after, it was time to return to the sweaty seats. My speech was the first after intermission. I could tell that the crowd loved my speech. The bored teachers' eyes were glued on me. The sneaky students looked up from their games and talking. Boris the custodian even woke up from his nap! Before I knew it, my speech was ending. It ended like this; “Vote a K-E-I-S-H-A, for your treasurer, today!” Everyone was cheering and clapping. Everyone except Marcy. Instead, she rose to her feet and said, “She stole my speech!” Everyone’s heads cocked from me to her. The principal called a time out and ushered everyone outside. I looked like I had just been stung by a shocking eel. Marcy’s eyes bore a hole right through my skull. Our principal came over to us and asked Marcy to show him her speech notebook. She presented it to him and sure enough, all the work was there! Plus, I recognized that work. It was mine! From last month Friday (when speech workshop started) to last week on Wednesday (when it ended). Every single day of the week was there! Then, the principal asked for my speech notebook. I told him that I didn’t have one. Mine was my tablet on the counter at home! “Wait”, I said to Marcy, “this doesn’t look right. You could have easily just copied all of my work whenever I go to the printer to help the little kids print stuff!” “No, I bet that you steal my work!” “Wait.” I said just noticing something on her notebook. “If you didn’t copy, why is there work under last Monday?” I asked. “We weren’t at school that day and our notebooks always stay at school.” “I didn’t think to not add work under Monday,” said Marcy, defeated. She went and apologized to the principal. She was disqualified, and the speeches continued. Then, we voted. Later in the day, as I was walking out, the good news came. “Students, the new offices are Linda Sherman, your new president, Kyle Cougar, first vice president, Liam Murphy, second vice president, Genevieve Malott, secretary, and Keisha Williams, treasurer. That was my day, diary. You never tell me about yours!
The green, soft grass blankets the barren ground underneath. A lone hummingbird sits on a tree flapping its wings at a scared squirrel. The wind whips through the trees, causing an eerie echo as it goes. The evergreen trees were standing tall, like a distinguished soldier going to battle. The soft petals of a chrysanthemum landed gently on top of a confused butterfly who had been staring at the nearby neighborhood. Most of their ready for battle buildings in this neighborhood were cream colored with pretty verandahs. There was a movie theatre, a bowling alley, a school, tennis courts, and other recreational stops. The sunshine revealed a stray rabbit whose fur admitted glistening beads of perspiration. He jumped on a colony of ants, who began to scatter in all random places. Not far away from this town was a deep crevice with a magnificent waterfall, whose pitter-pattering pattered right on top of a block of fungi. Whoops and hollers arose from two houses not too far apart in the village.
“Yes!” I cry over my walkie-talkie to my friend Lara. We were completing level fifteen of Holetown on our Gameboys. “I got in, did you?”
“No, but I found a way in. Okay, now I am in. I took the dungeon hole. The one that’s supposed to be full of lost treasure!”
“Oh, Lara. Don’t you know anything about this game? The dungeon hole is the one that leads to the snake pits. You must go through the ice hole, the deep-sea hole, and the jungle hole to get back to where I am!”
Rinnnnnnnnng! “My phone’s ringing. Let me get it.” “Hello, is the number 111-111-1234?” A scammer, I thought as I hung up. But as soon as I had put down the controller to pick up the phone, my brother had snuck into the room and, just as quietly, snuck out. I told Lara to stand by, for my brother had stolen my controller! When I finally caught up to the little brat and got my controller back, I asked why he did it.
“I need your help with my reading homework. It is too hard, and you were playing video games with Lara. So, I asked Ben to prank call you while I stole your controller.” He looked smug for a second and then took hold of my arm and tried to drag me to his room.
Now, you are wondering why my mom or dad did not just help him so that I did not have to. My parents both work the night shift at the hospital, so me and my brother are home alone. And me and my brother are supposed to help each other all the time. He helps me in the kitchen to make dinner, and in return, I help him with his homework. But this afternoon, he hadn’t helped me make dinner. So why should I help him with his homework? He had also played that nasty trick on me. But is my brother after all, what is the worst that could happen?
“Okay. Just this once, I’ll help you with your homework.” I let him drag me to his bedroom and went through with the whole ordeal of telling him to sit down and listen, explaining nouns and verbs, and yelling at him for picking his nose. He played all sorts of pranks on me while I did this; he rubbed onions in my face, made me sit on a Whooppee cushion and chewed the pencil I was using. However, he did not know that the fate of his homework was in my hands. Without speaking as he laughed at me, I stood up and left the room.
“Hey, where are you going? I’m not finished with my homework.” he whined. “You said you would help me!”
I walked to my room and locked the door. The airship picture on my door smiled at me as I walked across the room and picked up my walkie-talkie and controller.
“Lara, I’m back! How long was I gone?”
“Thank goodness you’re back. I didn’t want to start the mystery mush room hole without you. You were gone for an hour! That was enough time for me to complete the dungeon hole, the ice hole, the deep-sea hole, and the jungle hole.” We played for one more hour, until my parents got home.
When I got down, and had given my parents some dinner, my brother told them the hole- I'm sorry, whole- story, but in a way that made him stay in the good light and me in the bad light. Anyway, my parents didn’t believe him, so they asked me to tell the story my way. They believed me! They grounded him, and the best part was that Lara and I got to continue playing Holetown for the Hole night!
October 18
The kitchen is blacker than Gabriela’s cat Phantom. The yellow, bristly corn husks wait to be removed from the corn, to make tortillas. The cold, hard floor presses against the corn husks. The dirty, white aprons lay stretched out on the pegs. The pots, mortars, pestles and pans lay in the tub, to be washed when the Lupita and her helpers awake. In the far corner of the room, where the kitchen meets the sewing room, there are scraps of brightly colored fabrics waiting to be sewn into... Oh no! Ramona!
Phew! Ramona sleepwalked right by me. Today, I have almost no places to write and keep my bottle of ink, my quill, and my brass point, which were gifts from Senor Johnston. But Lupita drank a lot of wine, so she probably was in a deep sleep. Phantom is curled up on my lap as I write this. He seems very contented, so I don’t shoo him away. Today contained a lot of work for everyone. Senor Johnston left, but a man named Senor Luis came today. He bossed all the servants like he was the owner of the rancho. Also, Miguela was starting to like him! This was the one man I hoped that Miguela would not choose. If he became Miguela’s husband, life would be miserable for servants on the rancho! I had to stop him from marrying Miguela.
I could tell that Rafaela and Gabriela share my hostile feelings towards Senor Luis. While he treated Miguela like Ixchel, the moon goddess, he asked them to fetch him glasses of water. So, before lunch, I called Rafaela and Gabriela to a meeting in the courtyard to decide what to do so that Miguela would not like Senor Luis. “We could figure out his darkest secret and tell it to Miguela,” suggested Gabriela. “That would take too long, and we need to get rid of him today.” I had said. Rafaela then came up with a genius idea, the one we would use to get rid of Senor Luis
“Miguela hates snakes, and Senor Luis is getting her the biggest peonies you ever saw. So, if we put a snake in the bouquet, it will frighten Miguela and in her fury, she will throw Senor Luis out of the house.” “That’s brilliant!” exclaimed Gabriela. “Domingo is good with snakes. If we slip the snake some wine, it will most likely fall asleep for an hour.” I reply. “Now both of you have to go to lunch.”
I was with Domingo, and we crept into Senor Luis’s room with the drugged garden snake. Lunch was over and Lupita and the other cooks were getting ready for supper. We both knew, thanks to Gabriela, that he was giving her the bouquet before supper. We slipped the snake into the bouquet and made haste to leave the room. We passed him in the hall as he was getting ready to give the bouquet to Miguela.
What happened after was half terrifying, half funny. He gave the bouquet to Miguela, and the snake popped out. She screamed, threw the bouquet at him and threw him out of the house. I must get out of the kitchen and go to bed now, for I hear Lupita in the hallway!
The night sky starts to bring goosebumps to my skin. Then, my teeth start to bit repeatedly. I start to squeeze my coat tight. The stars are started to shine. My Mom started to tell me stories. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky. Clouds are like cotton candy. Both are look very soft. Clouds are really made of water so if touch a cloud your hand would get wet. Some people don’t know a cloud is made up of water and want to touch it but once they do their hand gets wet. The stars reflected in rivers and lakes. I also saw trees and R.V.s. People in the R.V.s were making dinner. That was my first camping trip and it was amazing.
Today is Election Day. When i went on the stage to give my speech I was stuttering. My feet where bouncing back and forth. When i got up on stage everyone looked at me and I tried to take deep breaths. Once I was done with my speech I didn't notice that there was a stool and fell on my face. The whole school was laughing at me. My printable announce that at the end of the day we would here are the results. I was looking at the Clock to see when the day would finally be over. The loudspeaker came up the speakers at my school. The speakers at my school are old so it's really hard to understand what the principle is saying. The principle said my name all the sudden my heart stops. I jump up and down with excitement everyone at school was cheering me on. I guess every election people should fall on their face.
Dad and I help each other period. sometimes I help Dad in the kitchen. my dad wanted to make pasta. We just got our pasta machine and my dad wanted to use it straight away. First, I helped him make the noodles I mixed the flour and eggs. Then I rolled the dough. after I rolled the dough, we cut into nice little pasta strings. Then we put the pasta in the boiling water. Once the pasta is ready, we put it in the sauce. In the sauce we usually put onions, meatballs, and garlic. other times, dad helps me work on my bike. Yesterday I went bike riding and accidentally went on a thorn. My dad said he could help me fix it. He taught me how to change a wheel on a bike. Also, he helps me finish my homework. I was really confused and stressed. My dad came over to try and help me. He knows a lot about homework because he was a professor in college. He is also a great teacher other than being the best dad.
October 18th
Today Senor Johnston gave me some tips for my writing. He told me he used to write in a diary just like. I always knew he was a nice person but I never knew he was this nice. He is caring and loving. He has made being a servant a lot easier. He is very comforting. Once he left I started washing clothes. “ Ha ha ha” I heard from the eating room. “what's so funny”? “Oh no”!
Everybody was looking at my diary. Now there is nasty fingerprints on my diary. People started making fun of me and calling me rude names. I was appalled. I felt like a lion when they first get shot. My heart was beating as fast as a Drum. My cheeks were as red as a tomato.
Then Senor Johnston came into the room. He told everyone to be quiet. They obeyed him. She looked at the book and put me away to talk to me in the corner. He said “did you show them this”? “No did you” I said knowing the answer but still asking.
Then, we went back to the middle of the room and he took the book away from everybody. He made a new rule that now people cannot take stuff from other people's houses. I was so grateful for him that day. I told him I would never forget what he did for me.
The World...
I woke up in my bed as I looked out my window, I saw the first star disappear then the other stars faded away. Suddenly, the sky went to black to dark blue to a little green to yellow to blue and for the whole day I looked at the sun set to see it all over again. Tonight, there was a super moon and I wanted to see the real size of the moon. For days and nights. I wanted to see it again. The beauty of nature in my bed. The beauty of nature is amazing it is everywhere days and nights were around the corner. Still in my, bed. Out of my bed is a world.
When Arron Lee got down to the office Mrs. Zoy said, “Arron you want to run for class President”. Arron said “yes”. She said you need to ask the principle. Then Arron went to the MP room to ask the principle and he said “ok”. He was finally able to run for President. Now he could win and become President.
Arron scrambled to make some posters. Then he put them all around town and school. He realized he made a mistake, he put candy on his posters and that wasn’t allowed. He had to go to every poster and remove the candy. So, with Arron’s posters up people knew him. Then after all that he lost.
This week was fun. I got to do a lot of things with my dad. One of those days I went to go outside to play in the sun in my backyard after I was done with my homeschool. My dad said out the window “Let’s build big bubble for you’’. I went out to the backyard, so my dad and I made a rope out of shoestring from dad’s old shoes. After we played with the bubbles, the water looked gross. We had a great time and my sister came to play with us too. After that, dad helped me know what I need to do next week. He printed out the paper I needed. After that I went to go lay down on Saturday and play some video games, but I need to work on my draft model, so my dad helped me brainstorm some great ideas. He was super helpful and got a lot of ideas in my head.
Oct. 18, 1845 “My Dream”
Last night I had a dream, and in that dream, the night sky was darker than ever, and the stars shinned like diamonds in the dark sky. In the heavenly dream land, my bright and sparkly neon house, it had 20 light that were colorful as the rainbow. In dream land you can make anything you want sparkly anything is allowed. But there is one rule no nightmares allowed.
When dream land nearly died what happened is the gates were open for 24 hours 54 nightmares came in, I saw one that night. The cop’s in dream land look for theses nightmares when they find one, they put it into a cage keeping it there until it says it “I will not harm anyone.” When they say that the nightmare turns into a good dream. So, I went outside to make the tallest building in dream land.
I set myself in my mind to imagine a tall but thin building. Then I made it with my mind. It was a zoo, well a panda zoo as soon as I got to the top (which is 21 by 21 square feet) but then I saw it... A Nightmare, I imagined some platforms I could jump on to get away from the beast, I imagined 17 cops. I was more than sure it would be enough, but the beast could fly. Luckily, it’s dream land and we can fly too. Finally, the beast was in his cage I went to my neon house in relief I went to my bed and finally I woke up in my bed.
One night the sky was dark. The stars twinkled high in the sky. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky that are as fluffy as a pillow. The stars are bright, they reflect off the rivers and lakes. The stars are as big as someone's head. There was even shooting stars that danced acrossed the night sky. My family was happy while they were looking at the stars. Anjelina looked and said “look it's a shooting star.” My mom replied “that's so cool.” After that, me and my sister went on a bike ride through the forest. The forest had tall trees, bushes, animals and plants. It was cold that night so me and my sister had to put jackets on. Me and my sister went back to take a break then we roasted marshmallows. I like mine squishy, sweet and kind of burnt. We were getting tired, so we went in the house to go to bed so me and my sister showered, brushed our teeth and went to bed.
Today is the day! It’s election day! I am so nervous to go to school today. As I walk through the halls I pass my peers with anxiousness and sweat dripping from my forehead. I pass my teacher and she gives me a smile as if she knew something was going to happen.
My name is Michael I am in the fourth grade and I am running for class president. I want to fun for class president so I can change the rules of school. I elected to NO more homework, NO more classwork and all day play. Most of my supporters are boys.
As I sit next to my peers palms sweating like cray out in front of school listening to the principle talk about this years nominees, I anxiously wait. Looking around at my opponents we glare at each other with confidence and determination that we are all winners.
At last, the name of this years winner marched out of the principles mouth and I heard my name get called it went like this “ this years president of the school is Michael Svorinich” I jumped up with excitement and all the boys were shouting with joy as they shook my hand and congratulated me they were chanting “No more school work!” Hooray.
My dad is a first responder and a hero to me. He is the captain at fire station 48 in San Pedro.
My name is Michael and I belong to a super dad named Marty.
I help him in the kichen all the time. He is a very good cook and I love to eat his delicious food.
When my dad is not at work, he spends all his time teaching me how to do different things. I
especially enjoy working on my bike with my dad. Because of the virus we are working together to complete all my homework.
I am so lucky to have my dad to guide me and teach me as I grow up. For all the reasons I talked
about my dad I love and thank my super dad every day that I see him.
The night sky was dark when I was destroying my X-box because I lost a game of 2K 20 (a basketball video game) against my dad. Bright stars twinkled in the Soler system. Then, lots of very dark clouds shoed up and it started raining cats and dogs (literally.) The rain got on me and everyone else. After that, the clouds covered up the sun and everyone thought the sky was falling! Finally, the stars shined on the rivers and lakes, but everyone the river was coming alive because the stars reflection made the river look like it had a light inside of it.
I was as nervous like a kid waiting for a test knowing that he didn’t do well, my legs were rubber my fingers were numb, and I had “butterflies” in my stomach. I was extremely scared waiting to hear the election results.
Then the loudspeaker came on and it was as loud as a lion can yell, but when the principal said my name I was as tall as a mountain and I was as happy as house cat. I knew that I did well, and I wasn’t nervous anymore. I was proud of my work, and I knew that I did great.
My brother and I always help each other (well... I don’t usually help my brother, but I just try to sound nice.) One time I was helping my brother in the kitchen. We were testing on which goes best in water sugar, salt, vinegar with salt, lemon juice, pepper and finely everything that I mentioned. It didn’t go as planned, we made a huge mess and we ended up barfing. My brother beat me to the bathroom so, I tried the other bathroom, but my dad was in there. I had to do something like run to the window let it go outside the window and I did. I didn’t tell anyone about this, though. That meant I only had to clean up the kitchen.
A day after that I bought my own bike. It was as blue as the ocean and it was very comfortable like my couch. When I was riding my bike one day, I tripped and the bike... I don’t know what happened with that. I think it feel down the cliff I was riding next to because I heard a big BANG and then someone screaming “Hay, who is the idiot that did this!?” I fled immediately before I could get in trouble.
The next day, I went to my grandma's house it had yellowish walls at the front of the house and white walls inside the floor was smooth and it was made of wood and the ceiling was white too. After I unloaded my suitcase, I started watching TV. Then, my brother and I decided to do the water ting again, and it was the same result. I had to barf outside again, and I didn’t go outside for the rest of the day. The next morning, I woke up to see mountain lions “camping” in the backyard near where threw up so, I got a piece of meat and threw it into the neighbor's yard then the mountain lions went over there. That’s out of my hand know. Then I went inside and watched some more TV.
October 18
The sky is bluer than the bluest blueberries, and the sun is hotter than Death Valley. The sun is so hot, all the water outside has almost evaporated into nothing. There are many baskets of sweet fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, broccoli, kale, limes and other things. The rosters woke everyone up due to their loud howling.

I still lay down on my bed of straw... my very unconfutable bed of straw. I’m planning on what I will write today. As I pick the sweet grapes from the grape vines, I see someone trying to look in my diary, “Stop!” The person went away as I wiped sweat of my four-head. I talked to myself as I walk to the diary to pick it up. From then on, I always kept the diary near myself.

Now it’s almost night. I’m preparing the tortoise for dinner as well as some other vegetables and fresh meat harvested from some of the cattle in the fields. It’s not a simple task. The meat must be well cooked otherwise people will get food poisoning, the fruits and vegetables must be washed of and the tortoise must be very fresh.

Now it’s time for dinner. The food was well made and since I made the food, I got rewarded with not having to do any work for the next week. That was amazing for me because I will have more time to write. The rest of the night I was writing away.

On Thursday night in was as dark as the deepest part of the ocean. The stars twinkle as bright as the sun way up high in the sky. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky as white as the snow. The rivers and lakes reflect the stars bright glow that looks like candles in the sky. That is what happen on Thursday night. 
I was so nervous that my palms were sweaty and, my heart was beating superfast. I waited nervously to hear the election results that seemed to take forever. Then finally the loudspeaker went on to give us the results. The principal said “Your new 2vp is James s”. I was so excited to hear my name.
It was a sunny day, the grass was green, there was mud and there was a little breeze in the air. The soccer goals were as white as snow, the net was smooth, and the goals were as wide as a house. The black top was as hot as the sun, the basketball hoops were as big as a gym and the nets was as rough as a rock. The baseball field was super dusty, the bases were white like the clouds and the grass was as green as an alligator.
My heart was beating so fast because I was playing my dad in a basketball game. I was super nervous. I’ve been practicing for this game for the last two weeks. The game was going to start in 1 hour, so I was getting ready. The winner gets to have Nobu Sushi for life.
The game was about to start, we played rock, paper, scissors, shoot and I won. The game started and the score was 20 to 10, I was losing by 10 at the end of the first half. The second half started; I was starting to make a comeback, but then it was half time and the score was 50 to 45. In the third quarter, the score was 80 to 75 and I was still losing, but I knew that there was still one quarter left to go. It was 97 to 99, I was losing by 2 and there was 10 seconds left. I had the ball and my dad was on me like glue. I did a cross over with 3 seconds left, I shot the three pointer and swooshed it. I made it... I was so happy!!! I did not notice that my dad was injured.
My dad went to the hospital right away. I was super sad, I thought it was all my fault. I sat on the chair waiting to hear what happened. The doctor came out and said, “I am super sorry, your dad sprained his ankle”. I saw them putting on his cast. I felt super bad. When he came out, he was in crutches.
I said to my dad, “I am super sorry I hurt your ankle”. My dad said, “It’s ok, you made an awesome shot”. So, I helped him with his hurt ankle for two months. Then we went to the doctors to get the cast removed. So, when my dad come out, I took him to Nobu to have sushi and we both had a great time.
One night there was a pitch black dark sky. It was so pitch black, that the only thing I could see, were the bright white stars twinkling above my head. The stars reflected on the huge dark lake. The stars were so bright that they almost blinded my eyes! The stars looked like white little dots because they were very high in the dark sky. The night before, I couldn’t see the clouds at all because the stars were not twinkling. But that night, I could see the clouds as clear as could be, since the stars were really bright. Brighter than I have ever seen! That night I was fishing for rainbow trout in the middle of the lake in a large brown canoe. I caught twelve rainbow trout and one large mouth bass. One of the twelve trout was the largest out of all the fish I caught. I noticed on its big brown belly that all of the stars reflecting on the water then reflected onto its large brown belly. It was as beautiful as heaven. On a scale of one through ten, the night was a ten. The reason why it was a ten is because the night was so pretty and I caught so many fish. I felt like I was in heaven.
My Dad and I always had each other’s backs until today. The sun was shining and it was a glorious sight. The birds were chirping and flying around in the garden. Honey bees were buzzing and busy pollenating the flowers. It was so beautiful out that I thought I was dreaming.
When school got out I had to wait for my Dad. He is the janitor at my school and was fixing the lightbulb in my classroom. My dad finally came out and we got into our dark gray Ford F150 truck and went home. When we were on our way home, I noticed that something wasn’t right. There was no more juicy fruit gum left! I asked my dad, “why don’t we have anymore left? Can we get some more?” He said, “no Ethan, you have had horrible behavior today”. He said that he heard that I tried to escape from school. That Ms. Winbauer was seen sprinting as fast as a cheetah and tackled me and sent me to principal’s office. But I did not try to escape school. It was just Grant telling another lie to try to get me in trouble. My dad didn’t let me say one word when I tried to tell him that it was all a lie from Grant. When my Dad and I got home he said, “Ethan James Steburg you are grounded for two months for trying to escape school!” He told me to go to my room and said he didn’t want to hear anything from me for the rest of the night. I was feeling depressed because my dad didn’t let me tell him what happened and didn’t trust me anymore. He didn’t have my back. The sadness turned into anger and I said, “I hate you!” When I went into my room I packed all of my clothes and all of my belongings into my suitcase. I snuck downstairs and packed some snacks and a few bottles of Lake Arrowhead water. I went back upstairs and said to my dad, “I will never have your back again.” I walked all the way to Bryce Coddington’s house because I knew I could always count on him. He was my best friend. Bryce’s family adopted me and I never saw my Dad again.

October 18
I woke up early at 6 am and the smell of breakfast hit me like a galloping horse! I walked into the dusty kitchen and there was a delicious breakfast of pinto beans, rice, an omelet and cow’s milk. After breakfast, I walked to the beautiful garden with buzzing honey bees, chirping sparrows, amazing monarch butterflies, bright yellow sunflowers and bunches of corn. Today was my turn to grind corn. There in the garden was a flat stone and a small grinding stone. The stones felt hot in my hand. It felt like the temperature was a billion degrees!
Yesterday in the afternoon during my lunch break, Sr. Johnson asked, “are you keeping your journal in a safe spot?” I said, “Yes, I am putting it under the rug in the kitchen. No one will find it there.” But, this morning when I hid the journal, Miguela was watching! Miguela must have felt very jealous because Sr. Johnson seems to like me. Also, I can read and write but she can’t.
When I was grinding corn today, Miguela snuck into the kitchen like a muskrat! She knew exactly where the diary was and she took it! I felt horrible. I was afraid that she would tell Sr. Medina, and I would be punished with a brown, long whip. Because servant girls are not allowed to read and write. And what made things worse at the moment, Sr. Medina came into the kitchen with my journal in his hand. The master shouted “ROSALIA!” I turned pale because I was scared that I would be punished. Miguela was there too, smiling and laughing. She must have thought I would be in big trouble.
I went into kitchen like a scared rabbit about to be swallowed by a huge rattlesnake. But, the Master said, “This was the BEST diary I have EVER read! Rosalia, I want you to be the teacher at the ranch. You will teach all the kids how to read and write.” I felt as joyful as if I were going to heaven! Because now I’m a teacher! Miguela was as angry as a momma bear when she lost her cubs. She said, “NO, she’s not supposed to read and write!” And then Sr. Medina said to Miguela, “now YOU are going to grind corn and go to school, too. And I don’t want to hear a peep from you!” So tomorrow, I will start teaching and the master will give me my journal back.
The night sky was pitch black it had a whistling wind and made long tall shadows. The bright yellow stars reflecting off the sky then the rivers and lakes surrounding the moon creating a beautiful landscape.
“I'm so nervous,” I said, my hands were shaking, and I could hardly breath while I was burying my head into my tall, awesome, friend, Kaylen. We both waited anxiously for the bell to ring “tick tock tick tock tick briiiiiing.” Forcefully, we rushed to the main office to see who won. From a voice ahead I heard “Jayden you won and Kaylen you won too, you guys tied,” Kaylen and I both jumped in excitement as we ran home together with our heads high and telling everyone the exciting news! Kaylen and I were neighbors so when we walked into my house our moms were waiting for us “So, did you win,” Kaylen's mom asked Kaylen I looked at each other, nodded and at the same time we said “we tied.” After, we all started screaming with joy my mom suggested we get some ice cream so we did, it was the best day ever!
It was a nice afternoon on Quinn Street and my family was visiting my cousins in Australia. Once my brother and I got settled in we both raced to my cousin Taya's room with our wetsuits on and told her to put hers on. Then, we all headed downstairs to go to the beach and surf. Once we got to the beach we made a sand kingdom and caught some sand crabs to make them the people of the kingdom then, it was finally time to surf! We got into the water and it was quite warm even though there was a heavy breeze in the air. After we got winded a couple times, got tied up in a lot of kelp and seaweed, and got some really good waves we all decided to split up so that we could go deeper into the water if we wanted to. Me and my brother stayed more shallow but Taya went in pretty deep to the point were we almost couldn’t see her, but then we heard a scream as loud as a motorcycle and it sounded like Taya so we rushed over to her. When we got closer we started to see red and it looked like blood and we started swimming faster. Then, we saw her and it looked like she was about to drown, my brother on the other hand was seventeen so he was strong enough to carry her back to shore. Once we got to shore we could see a big mark that looked like teeth and before I could even check I was dreaming my brother said “what happened,” I was bit by a shark ,” oh no I'll run in and get your dad ,” I said while I was sprinting to get her dad. After I got her dad and a towel we got in the car and drove her to the hospital. WE sat in the waiting room for the doctors to tell us something about her “well she's perfectly healthy and she’ll be out after we wrap her leg and get her some crutches to keep her off that leg,” the young doctor said in a enthusiastic voice “YAY,” we all shouted and continued the rest of the day with smiles on our faces!
October 18th
Today is going to be a great day! I Maria Rosalia now have ink to write in my journal. This encourages me to write more and that’s exactly what I'm going to do.

October 19th
Today was the best day ever. After we had a delicious breakfast with tortillas, meat, and water a girl, with long, dark, brown hair approached me and said, “hi my name is Elena Garcia and I'm one of the workers daughters!” After she introduced herself more, I showed her my journal and said that it’s a really good idea to keep a journal. Then, an idea hit me, and I told her that I had to go.

October 20th
It is the next day now, and I'm so excited. Elena said that we should meet in the rose garden at sunrise today, so I grabbed my journal and headed off. Once I met her at the garden I mediately wanted to show her what I had made . I told her that I had stayed up all night making this. Then I told her to put her hands out and close her eyes. “Tada,” I shouted, “their beautiful,” I love them. They were matching bracelets made from beet root and feathers, and I used festive beads, I put it on her and put mine on too, then we showed everybody what I made.

October 21st
Elena and I decided to meet at the rose garden again. But when I got there, she wasn’t alone she was with a bunch of other girls and her bracelet wasn’t on! I walked up to her feeling betrayed and asked her why she wasn’t wearing her bracelet. Then, she scoffed at me and asked who I was and someone sitting next to her asked the same question but the person who was sitting next to her looked familiar then it all hit me they were the Garcia sisters !

October 22nd
I decided to follow them because I knew they were up to something, I mean when Elena was with her sisters she looked miserable and she's the youngest and every time I was with her she seemed to look around, so I knew something was up!

October 23rd
I woke up at five this morning and went to the rose garden again, but instead of sitting on the benches I hid behind a bush with a bunch of sunflowers. Then, I waited for about ten minutes and then overheard something I knew it was them so I listened in closer and they said that if Elena wants to be friends with me that she can't get the “advantages” and that was it. I didn’t know what the “advantages” where, but I was going to figure it out!

October 24th
The next day I snuck into their part of the servants quarters and I couldn’t believe what I saw they had food that could last year's pretty dresses that I could only dream of hot water and the best of all was they had their own servant! I ran outside as soon as I could, and Elena was standing their she told me everything like how they make friends with everyone to get their secrets and in return they get things that only the important people get. She also said that she really didn't become friend with me to get luxury she became friends with me because she didn't have any friends.

October 25th
Elena and I decided to team up and rat the sisters out so that’s what we did1

October 26th
We told the head servant everything and she was shocked then she told someone else and it kept on going.

October 27th
Now the whole town knows and since the leaders where part of this me, Elena, and all the servants live in the mansions and have even more “advantages” then Elena's sisters and the important people will ever have!
(by the way all the important people and Elana’s siblings are now our servants.)
The night sky is dark as my family and I went down to eat while in quarantine. We all sit outside on the extended patio and the stars twinkle high in the sky. We all sit together on one long table and right next to the Shore Grille mural on the wall outside. We shared a giant soft pretzel. Then I ate a grilled cheese with French fries. It was delicious!
Sometimes there are clouds in the sky, but not tonight. There is not a cloud to be seen. We all watch the moon rise reflect on the Pacific Ocean, just like the stars are reflected in rivers and lakes in Ohio where my Grandma lives. I wish she was here now to see the new patio. She is supposed to come visit soon and I can’t wait. 
I was nervous and my heart started beating faster. I was scared standing straight up sweating all over. While waiting I sat down still in a white chair for the election results. When the loudspeaker came on, I was scared and excited at the same time to see who got elected. When I heard the name, I was surprised because the principal elected me! After school I went home, I was more excited than ever. When I got home our whole family celebrated and played lots of games. That was the day I got elected.
Dad and I always help each other. Sometimes I help Dad in the kitchen. Other times, Dad helps me work on my bike or finish my homework. I help Dad in the kitchen by getting me and my brother breakfast in the morning. I also help by doing the dishes when I am done.
My Dad gave me my first bike. My bike is dark green and orange.He helped me fill up the tires and took me to the park to practice riding. I like riding my bike with my Dad and brother. My Dad helps me with my homework. He is a good artist and has taught me how to draw. He also is helping me with my school work now that we are home. I love my Dad. He is the best.
October 18
Dear diary, my new writing materials are better than my old ones. This is the nicest gift someone has ever given me. My new Brass point is way better than my old rooster feather. The best part about it is that its writes way smoother than a rooster feather. It's so nice to write with ink instead of beet juice. The beet juice was pale red and hard to see and this is real black ink!
Senor Johnston stopped by the ranch today to see me not Miguela. I thanked him again for the new writing materials. He brought me a book because he knew that I could read. It was one of his favorite books that he wanted to share with me. His brother got her last night before the snow came in the Sierra Nevada and he’s so happy. I can’t wait to meet him.
It was a hot windy day and all I wanted to do is write with my new brass point and ink. I already got ten buckets of water and feed the goats. I still have to grind corn for tortilla’s tonight for dinner. I want to keep writing but I have to go. I will try to write more later.
I wake up at night to people splashing in the outdoor pool. I wake up my family by saying “were on vacation lets go down to the pool.” My family agreed. Everyone was getting prepared to go swimming. We head out the front door and use the elevator to go down to the water. We all choose our seats we want to sit in. Me and my brother jump into the pool with our goggles. I start to float and look up at the night sky. All the beautiful starts are glowing like fireflies. We noticed that there was a lazy river, so my brother Tristan and I went to go get the inflatable tubes. We were next. We got on the river and we let the water flow us down stream. As we go down, we see the stars and lights reflecting on the pool. Then we finished and headed back to our room.
This Easter there was a lot of stuff planned. There was the egg hunt, which everyone was looking forward too. But Las Vegas was available, so my family decided to go. My family finally boarded the plane. Also, we were in first class. The flight attendants were coming to offer lunch. The lunch was chicken and sprite. We landed after 1 hour. My family took all the luggage. We loaded it on to the shuttle bus.
My family and I stayed at the Caesar Palace. We all emptied are stuff and went down to the pool. My brother and I went down the biggest slide they had at our hotel. After two hours at the pool we went back to our room and got dressed. To go to pampas which was a meat restaurant. After that we walked around the city to see all the hotels. We saw the m&m’s store. We went inside and we bought some mugs. There was a place inside that had people's names on the mugs luckily my name was on a mug. After we went to Starbucks, I got a delicious mango dragon fruit. After we finally settled and went back to our hotel and went to sleep.
Tonight, there is supposed to be a thunderstorm in California. The thunder, wind, and rain was really loud. The rain outside the window is going like tap tap tap. The glowing yellow moon is peeking over the rainy clouds. I looked out the window to see the dark night sky and the glowing stars.
The next day my alarm clock woke me up at 8:00. I walked to the dining table to eat my breakfast, scrambled eggs and toast. Today we are going to Hawaii. My parents say they have bad news. They said, “We can’t go to Hawaii.” So that meant we had to stay home. Since it was Easter my grandma sent some money to us through the mail but, we didn’t get so that meant that it was stolen. I was pretty mad that we couldn’t go to Hawaii and my grandma's money got stolen.
On October 17, 1845 Johnston found me writing in my diary so now he has one we make stories and write every day in our diaries. Today the worst thing happened to me. I was writing in my diary then people were starting to look at me. I hid for ten minutes after they were gone; I was worried that they would tell my family. At dinner I was really scared we were eating rice and potatoes. One of my family members said I heard there's a rumor going around that two people were writing in diaries. I figured that I might have to tell the truth.
Before they knew I said, “I was one of the people that were writing in a diary”. How could you my parents I started telling them it's just a book where you write your life story. They said “What”? After I told them they started telling every single person in our town. The next day people were asking me where I got them, I told them Miguela threw it in the courtyard. I started telling everyone I could make some buy hand. The next day I had about ten made people were willing to give me two silver coins I started giving people more.
Everyone was starting to use them all of them were satisfied with my product. Soon people from other towns made the trip to get diaries for their family. People from other towns started making fake journals that fell apart. I started making custom diaries I’ve made regular and custom journals. I started getting lots of requests. I had about 100 silver coins my family were proud of me for making such a good product. So turns out I did something bad and it ended up good.
Me and my dad walk out into the nighttime forest as we always do before bedtime. We see the
beautiful bright stars twinkling above us, and the reflections of the stars and the moon in the
rivers and lakes near by. We closed our eyes and thought of all the wonderful things we have
and how lucky we are to have a cabin in the beautiful and healthy forest with a wonderful
family. But then we saw something, something bright and loud beyond the forest trees. We saw
about 20 flashlights light up and heard the sound of horses crying in the distance. I asked my
dad what was going on, but he just told me to sit there and stay hidden. He started towards
the forest, pulled out a flash light in his pocket, and hid behind a bush. Then he got out his
camera and started to record the loud bright action. He finished up his video and put away his
phone. But then someone from beyond the forest spotted him and shouted, “A SPY!” All of the
people turned towards us and charged. We didn’t look back to see if they were still following us, but we could see the light of their flashlights bouncing on and o
the trees, getting closer
and closer to us before the light went away. We finally looked back but all we saw was a pitch-
black forest with a quiet breeze of wind. So then we just walked back home puzzled and
confused. We opened the door to our cabin and were relieved that mom and little sis were still
asleep. We walked into our bedrooms and then went straight to bed. We slept in the next
morning since we went to bed so late from all the spying. When we did wake up, breakfast was
already made so we sat down and enjoyed it. But mom knew there was something going on.
She said, “It’s not like you two to sleep in this late, what happened?” We were both silent until
after about a minute or two when I finally spoke up. I told her all that happened but it totally
backfired. She wouldn’t stop asking questions and she kept asking why we didn’t tell her
sooner. And that’s where Dad came in. He explained everything that had happened. Dad said
he couldn’t sleep and he just needed some fresh air, then he said that I followed him not long
after. When we were all done with breakfast, we started our chores. But just then I heard
something beyond the forest again. This time I was the one who was sneaking to spy on them.
I saw nothing for the first 5 minutes. Then something happened. I watched a man pull a horse
into the forest until they were out of sight. But how sad to hear the poor horse’s cry, so I
decided I was gonna do something about it. I walked up to several men and quickly realized
who they were. They were COWBOYS! I thought they were just random people who had no
business stealing other people’s horses, but I guess I was wrong! They WEREN’T stealing
horses but were just finding new homes for them. I thanked them for explaining everything and
ran back through the forest to tell my family.
“RING!” The big bell rang and all of my class mates were stampeding to our classroom. Today everyone was more excited than ever! It was time for the big announcement of the winners for student council. I ran for student counsel this year, just as I did in first, second and third grade. In all the years I ran, I hadn’t won, but this time I had a really good feeling I might actually win. So I sat and nervously waited with all of my class mates for the important announcement to be made over the loud speaker. I so badly wanted to hear my name called. The announcer was about to come on the loud speaker any second now, and there I was, patiently waiting, the anticipation building up inside me. The entire class was quiet as a mouse… and then, to my surprise, the big black round speaker called MY NAME. My whole class jumped up with joy and gave me high-fives. They were so happy for me and I was, too. After all those years of running for the position I wanted, I achieved my goal. There was no better feeling than working so hard towards something and finally reaching it. No matter what next year’s election will be like, and whether I win or not, I know I’ll be just as happy for the winner as my class mates were for me.

“Richard! Come down and eat,” shouts his dad all the way from the bottom of the stairs.
Today, a 12 year old boy named Richard is more excited than ever. He is supposed to go fishing with his dad. He jumps out of bed, slips some clothes on and darts to the bathroom to comb his hair. A minute later, he arrives down stairs. “Good morning, Richard,” his mother calls out in a soft voice. “Are you excited for the big day?” “Oh yes!” says Richard excitedly. “Good, because we’re leaving in about 10 minutes,” his dad calls out, eating the last bite of toast on his plate. Once they were ready to go, they jumped into the car. “Goodbye, boys,” his mother shouts, “Have a fun time at the lake.” Everyone waves, then they finally drive away. About 15 minutes later, they arrive at their destination. “Oh Dad, we always have so much fun together,” Richard laughs happily. “Thats right, buddy,” his dad replies. “Now, did you bring the bait like I asked?” “Um, well, I don’t think so,” replied Richard nervously. “Oh no,” whined Richard’s dad. “Oh well, I guess we'll just have to use the bread I brought to feed the ducks.” “Um yeah, well about that. I kind of took the bread out of your backpack and set it down on the kitchen counter when I was looking for a pair of hiking shoes,” Richard explained. “You did what?” shouts his dad, even more angry than before. “Oh boy, well at least I have one more idea,” his dad says nervously. “We could go buy some ice cream.” “Wow, Dad, that’s an excellent idea,” Richard says, trying to cheer his dad up. “Now, just let me get my wallet,” his dad says, struggling to find it. “Oh no, my wallet isn’t in here.” Richard tries to remember where it could be. But he quickly wished he hadn’t. “Uh, Dad.” ‘What is it Richard?” his dad asks. “I took your wallet to give the pizza guy a tip.” Richard’s dad didn’t know what to say, but his face said it all. He finally said, “Oh, Richard. All I wanted was to spend some time with you down by the lake, but it all just got ruined and then…” “I’m sorry,” interrupted Richard. “I’m sorry for forgetting the bait, for leaving the bread at home, for taking your wallet and for ruining this trip.” His dad smiled and said, “That’s a lot of apologies my friend.” They both laughed. But then a light bulb went off in Richard’s head.” “Hang on, Dad,” he said. “The sun’s about to set, right?” “Yes.” “Well, we could still sit on the dock and admire the beautiful sunset,” Richard suggests. “Hey, I kind of like that idea,” his dad says, thrilled. So they sat on the quiet lonely dock and enjoyed the wonderful sunset before heading back home.
Señor Johnston probably has no idea that he has just given me the best gift that anyone has ever given me. Writing has now become my passion and it’s so much easier to do with real ink and the prettiest turkey feathers to write with. He promises not to tell anyone that I can read and write and is even supportive of it, too!
Today, Miguela finally accepted Johnston’s marriage proposal. And although I am relieved to see Miguela go, I feel sorry for Señor Johnston. He has no idea what he is getting into. However, his presence here has actually been a pretty good thing for me. Everyone is nicer to me and they don’t tease me about my diary anymore. They have also been making fancier meals to show Johnston how good they are at cooking. It was at one of these meals that I lost my beloved diary. I was finishing up the last bite of my food when someone called my name. They insisted I go and sheer the sheep and bring the wool to Miguela so that she could knit some scarfs. Half way through, I realized that I had left my diary on the kitchen table! As soon as I realized this horrible mistake, I rushed back to the kitchen and ran straight to the table where I had left it, only to see that my diary was simply gone! I looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. I crouched into a corner of the kitchen, sobbing, knees to nose. After a while, I dragged myself out into the big, open field. All I could think about was my precious diary as I slowly scrubbed some cows.
It wasn’t too long before nothing short of a miracle happened. Señor Johnston walked right up to me and said, “I think this might belong to someone.” Grinning, he held up my diary. He said that he had found it in the kitchen trash and took it out. Not only that, but he wiped it down with some wet paper towels to clean it off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Señor Johnston is the nicest person I have ever known!
Everyone has welcomed Señor Johnston like a part of the family and is busy celebrating his engagement to Miguela. As for me, I’m just happy to have such a kind new family member here with us. After returning my diary to me, he asked me what I like to write about. I told him that I like to write about my childhood so I that I can remember the things that happened when I’m older. He seemed really interested and even asked me about my life before Medina Rancho. No one has ever asked me about my past so I was happy to share it with him. I think Señor Johnston is a very nice man who cares about other people. I sure hope his kindness rubs off on his future wife, Miguela.
Like every morning on the farm, I wake early to the sound of the rooster, brush my teeth, and get dressed. Then, I go downstairs for a wonderful fresh breakfast. The sweet aroma of cinnamon pancakes fills the kitchen. My brother Nick and I sit down on our chairs specially made by our father. Today is my 11th birthday! Nick turns 13 in April. Though my Great Grandma Lydia promises to come this year, she calls on the phone and says she can’t make it. She says “I have a very important appointment with my doctor today and unfortunately, I can’t move it.” I am very disappointed, but I guess I can go another year without seeing her.
Before we start our chores in the barn, Nick and I decide to go have some fun down by the lake to cheer me up. When we arrive, the water is still but murky. Nick climbs the hill to the big tree which holds the rope swing. He holds onto the rope and he swings high, he lets go and falls in the water. Nick does that for about 10 minutes while I splash around in the water. Soon, it is time to put on clean and dry clothes. I change into overalls with a red and white plaid shirt. Nick is wearing blue jeans, suspenders, and a Dodgers t-shirt and cap. I have no idea how he likes the Dodgers all the way over here in Illinois?
We go outside with father to the stables to help with the horses. The barn stables are a cherry red color with white stripes and have purple doors. I have a horse named Chewy (short for “Chewbacca”). I named him that since he is so furry and has the longest mane, also because my favorite movie is “Star Wars”. Nick’s horse is named Sergeant and he is tall and black. Sergeant’s saddle is green, so that also kind of makes him look like he is in the military. We take them on a walk, clean their stables, and brush their hair. When we complete these chores then it is time for our household chores. We sweep the house, do the dishes, and make our beds. Then I ride Chewy to my friend Kennedy’s farm to play the rest of the afternoon. Soon it is time for dinner so I head home. We feast on chicken, mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli - all my favorites for my birthday. I am having fun, but I am still feeling like something is missing from my special day. Nick and I eat chocolate birthday cake after my mom, dad and brother sing to me. As I open my birthday presents, there is a knock at the door. I run to answer it and to my surprise, it is my Great Grandma Lydia! She tells me her appointment was moved to a different day! I haven’t seen her since Nick’s 11th birthday. She is the best birthday present ever.
The night sky is dark yet bright with the stars twinkling high in space. Comets are passing every few minutes. The clouds in the sky are white and fluffy, the lake shimmers while frogs and toads croak on their lily pads, fireflies buzz around the yard, and deer sleep in the forest. Rabbits hop into their burrows. The rivers shine from the moonlight. Pops awakens from his nap my sister and I are playing in the grass. We live in a little country home with a big barn. Pops always lets us stay up late to watch the beautiful sunset and listen to the sounds of the crickets, frogs, and toads as they always put us to sleep. As the beautiful fish leap out of the lake, the owls hoot and screech, which frightens my sister. Pops will know just how to calm her down. A little beige rabbit suddenly hops up to her and with its miniature pink nose smells her short shaking leg then scurries away. The night continues, and as all the animals start to drift to sleep my sister becomes calmer and tired and it is time for bed. Right as we reach for the wooden doorknob of our house a wonderful comet passes through the sky for the last show of the night.
I was standing at the podium afraid and shaking. I am a 5th grader running for School President. As I give my speech, two boys in the crowd start to giggle. I get so nervous. Then, as everyone else starts to giggle, I turn around and see that Alex, the kid running against me, is pointing at me while making “hilarious” faces. I am so embarrassed. I think to myself, “I really hope I beat him.” After everyone gives their speeches, we go back to class to vote. It feels like the longest twenty minutes of my life. I silently wait to hear the results over the loudspeaker. It is nerve wracking just waiting to hear. Suddenly, the loudspeaker turns on. It’s the Principal! She sounds excited, but not as much as I am. My legs feel like jiggling jelly, my heart thumps like an elephant stomping, and my stomach feels full of swarming butterflies! I hear the Principal name the winner for Treasurer, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, and then she finally announces the President. I hear my name! I was so excited that I won that I almost didn’t hear her also call out Alex - my nemesis. We do not get along well, though I guess part of being the school President is that I must learn to work with others, even meanies.
Today is wonderful! The air is filled with sweet aromas, the dogs cheerfully bark. Butterflies land on the flowers while the grass glances at the trees and the sun rises to the center of sky. The sky clears all the clouds, the ocean is silent with the smallest of waves.
“Hi this is Dr. Cheng speaking”
“Who are you?”
“I work at the Los Angelo Hospital”
“Why are you calling?”
“Your father has been hospitalized”
“Is he ok?”
“He was on a flight to Vietnam. The plane was about 75 feet off the ground and all of a sudden it went for a nosedive over the 110 Freeway. You are very lucky, he was one of the few survivors.”
I am in shock. I hang up and put the phone back in my pocket. I run to mom and tell her the news. She screams. We run to my baby brother’s room, wake him up and scurry to the car. I am so worried about my dad. He is so important to me. He always helps me work on my bike and do my homework. Most importantly, he helps me when I’m feeling sad by talking to me. I really hope he is okay. We arrive at the hospital with flowers and chocolates - his favorite. He is in bed and asleep. The doctor say he is paralyzed. I walk to him crying. He hears me and wakes up.
“Sweetie, everything is ok”
“Daddy, I can help you get better when you come home and...”
“Darling, the doctors will take care of me and help, but I would be very happy if you would visit me.”
“Will everything be the same when you come back home?”
“No, I won’t be back home for a year. I have to do all these tests to see if they can fix me since I have a little bit of feeling in my toes”
I will not listen to him and will help him when he comes back home. He is always there for me and now I will be there to help him. I visit him in the hospital every day after school. A year later he comes back home, but this time, he is standing and walking! I run towards him and start crying because he’s back! For the rest of my life he is there by my side.
Owls are hooting in the night, searching for prey. In the distance, coyotes howl to the moon while the horses lay deep in slumber in the cozy barn. Someone is snoring louder then el cerdo eating slop in his trough. The room is as brown as a chocolate Labrador’s fur, the roses on my bedside table as red as the ripest cherries. Their sweet scent fills the room. Even though it is the perfect time to relax and fall asleep, I can’t calm myself.
This morning, Senor Johnston surprised me and came up to me as I was grinding corn for tortillas. He asked if I’d like help with my journaling. I said, “of course!” but was worried about getting in trouble. He is in love with Miguela, and I must say this again, “may Heaven help him.” Miguela likes him too and if she catches him with anyone else she will throw them in the “hole” (a deep pit you must be in for 20 min). We decide to meet during siesta in a little tent in the grove of pear trees . No one had been there since the rockslide a few weeks ago and Miguela never goes where the laborers work. Senor Johnston and I met up and we began my writing lessons. Little did we know that Miguela’s little sisters convinced her to take a walk with them in the grove today. She saw me and Senor Johnston together and was so angry that her face turned as purple as a plum. She screamed at the sight of us and ran towards Senor Medina to tell him my secret, but I chased after her and stopped her. I assured her that Senor Johnston only loves her and that he was just helping me. I begged her to think about what a woman could do with skills like reading and writing. She thought about it and decided that she still didn’t care. She made me promise to never see Senor Johnston again. Senor Johnston said he would stop teaching me, but she had to promise not tell anyone about my diary. I was so thankful to him. Aye, aye, aye, it was a very stressful day!

Finally, the last week of high school was here! My friend Vanessa and I were planning to go to either Stanford, UCLA, or Davis. But, which ever college we went to we wanted to go together. We were going to try out for the college soccer team. In two days we were going to see which college we were expected to. The next day Vanessa and I were really excited to see our results. But the day after that we were both really nervous. After school we were going to see if we were expected to one of the same colleges. At school I had butterflies I'm my stomach and in class I wasn't really paying attention. My teacher noticed that I wasn't doing anything and said that my head was in the clouds. She said to walk around for a bit and get focused. So,I went to the bathroom stall and stared crying. I had lots of tears dripping down my face. I looked like the water fountains we had at our school. I thought of the worst things that could happen. Like not expected to any of the colleges. Then, I went back to my classroom. There was only five minutes left of class. Vanessa and I met up after school and we were going to open our letters at my house. First, we opened the UCLA letter and neither of us made it. Then, we opened the Stanford letter and Vanessa only made it. The nerves stated to kick in. Lastly, we. Opened the Davis letter and I made it and Vanessa didn't! Then we both started crying. I was thinking of all the times we were little kids thinking about going to college together. The rest of the week was terrible and everyday I took a walk around the school because my Teacher said I wasn't focused. Finally, the school year was over and the summer has started. On Mondays I helped Vanessa pack and on Fridays she helped me pack. One day when Vanessa was helping me pack we had a fight about why we aren't going to the same college. I said ”When we were playing the soccer game three weeks ago, if you let me take the penalty kick I would be at Stanford with you since there were scouts.” Then Vanessa said ”You told me to take the penalty kick!” Wait a second! The letter I got from Stanford didn't have my name it was somebody else's! Immediately we called Stanford. They said we would get the results tomorrow. Vanessa and I had a sleepover at my house. We were about to go to sleep but then I apologized about the way I was acting earlier. The next day we had the phone next us the whole time. Later that day they called us... And they said I MADE IT IN! Vanessa and I were going to college together! Then, they had even better news. WE ARE GOING TO BE IN THE SAME DORM since they told us with such late notice. Finally, we went to the school to decorate our dorm, see all the tores, and do all the activities. At last it was the first day of school. We met after school outside our dorm on the grass once we were done with all of our homework. We talked about how the first day of school was fun but hard. The night sky was so bright. The stars looked like the lights that to put into our dorm that took forever to setup. Looking at the stars made a little teardrop fall from my eye and a smile appear on my face. Observing the campus made me feel grateful for everything. Especially Vanessa here with me. It was peaceful outside. The next day we were going to try out for the school soccer team. A week later we got the results... We made it! In the end, these college problems has just began.
My whole life, I have been bullied. The rug in my room is stained from the tears that have fell from my cheek. One of the worst things in my room is the mirror, which shows my reflection. One of the best parts are the blanket fort that stands by my bed. It is the one where I can escape from my problems, my fears, and other people. But the best thing of all in my room, is the butterflies that hang on a string above me. They’re bright and seem as if they are magical. They seem as if they’re the only colorful thing in my room, for everything else are dark colors. Black, grey, white, and shades of dark blue. Sometimes when I stare at them during the night, they look like stars in the night sky. They give me a feeling of happiness whenever I look at them. Though my room isn't very exciting besides that.
I’m Mila Jaksic and I'm in the first grade. I’m a bit lonely honestly. Practically everyone in my class make fun of me because I'm kind of a nerd. I love math and science, but apparentlyI others don’t like that. It has been a very tough year. Finally, it was election day. I had practiced my speech over and over at least 100 plus times. Unlike last year, my first election I thought I really could do it. My hands were sweaty, they were shaking and twitching with fear. I was so afraid of what the other kids would think of my speech. At first, I was quite shy and quiet, but then, as I read on, I became louder and more confident. At the end I thought I did good. But myP worst enemy didn’t, she crumpled up her chip bag and threw it at me. I choked back a sob and walked off the stage.
At the end of the school day everyone had crowded by the office to see the results. I heard kids whispering and staring at me, and from what I heard, I had not won, again. When we got home, I dropped my backpack by the door and immediately ran to my fort, thinking of all the things my classmates had said about me. When I got in bed that night I stared at my butterflies and talked to them about what had happened today. I asked them if they could give me luck next year for elections. Typical, nothing happened.
I was now in 2nd grade, at the age of 7. The elections were in a week, and I already had my speech written, corrected, typed, and practiced. I heard the principal call my name in the microphone. “Mila Jaksic?” We got out of school and once again I had lost. Just as every other year I ran to my fort crying. Though the new girl at school saw me the next day waiting for my parents to pick me up, and she came up to me and told me she liked my speech. It was the first compliment I have heard in a long time. As the years past we became friends, best friends.
5th grade age 11. It was my turn to give my speech. I hesitated before I started this time, I felt an urge of energy inside of me. Instead of being quiet I spoke with honesty and hope. I was finished and my friend surprised me and told me she was running for 2nd VP. I couldn’t believe it. She was running for the same thing I was. I was furious, all these years she had supported me and now she was running against me. At the end of the school year everyone crowded in the front of the office. I... I had won! I had a feeling there was luck in me and I knew what it was from. But I didn’t feel happy, I knew Autumn (my best friend) wasn’t selfish. So, I knew it wasn’t right I had won, and I knew I had to do something. I got everyone's attention, and right there and then I told them “You should not have voted for me. I know I have run every year and now all a sudden, I am telling you should not have voted for me. Yet Autumn had supported me ever since she came to the school. And when I heard she was running I was furious, but I shouldn't have been. She deserves to be 2nd VP, not me. Please make her the 2nd VP not me.” Then they did something I did not expect, they clapped for me. The principal agreed to give the place to her. I took down the fort, for I knew I didn’t need it. I could not run away from my fears, I understood that now. I was happier knowing that Autumn was happy. I knew a lot more people now, and now I have a new story to tell. It starts off as, my whole life I have been happy I just haven’t known it but now I do.
“Mom when is my next gymnastics meet?” I ask. “The seventeenth” she replies. “Mom when is my next tournament?” “The twenty second.” “Mom what is for lunch. "Tuna sandwiches.” “Mom...” I say. “Can you ever stop talking!” When it is lunch time, I always eat in hammock between two shady palm trees in my backyard. In my opinion my backyard isn’t that interesting other than the two-soccer goals. Most people say that my backyard is like an amusement park, but I don’t find it that interesting. The things in my backyard are the two-soccer goals, a swimming pool, a trampoline, a basketball hoop, and a bunch of mats for gymnastics. My room has a cozy rug and chair that look like soccer balls. Also, one of the covers on my bed has a lot of beams printed on it. Next, are all the medals on my nightstand from all the sports I play.
The two main sports I play soccer and gymnastics. But, to be perfectly honest I like soccer a lot better. My dad wants me to do gymnastics though. Next, the competition was coming up for gymnastics. My dad said” It was the second biggest gymnastics of my life.” Since after this competition is nationals if I get in first, second, or third. I didn't want to go to nationals or do anything big in gymnastics, so I wasn't going to try that hard when I was doing my routines.
On floor, vault, and beam I didn't do that well. But next was floor what I was most nervous about. What would everybody in the crowd think of my terrible floor routine? At first, I was doing everything terrible until I got to my tumbling. I couldn't fake being bad on my flip or I would hurt myself and as soon as I knew it, I stuck the landing accidentally. Then, I looked at the jumbo screen and it said that I placed n 7third! How could that happen!?
Then, I waited for the nationals to arrive. First, was vault and I didn't land it. Then, was beam and I didn't land on a few tricks and fell off. Next, on bars I landed on my stomach when I was doing a full twist. Lastly, was floor which I was shaking since I was so nervous. I was doing bad which was going well. Then, when I got to my full twist, I took two steps back which made me step out of the lines on the floor. After that, I told my dad “I want to focus on mainly soccer because I feel a connection with it.” Surprisingly he agreed and was happy with my decision. Lastly, my family all ate s'mores by the fire pit and pushed each other in the pool laughingly.
October 11
The night stars are bright, the wind throwing my hair, and the grass tickling my feet. The bucket besides me looks like it's going to fall apart from the many times being used. Next to me was a small adobe house the doesn't look great on the outside. The inside has colorful blankets, plants, little games, and different personal things.
October 12
Suddenly, I felt the moonlight glare on my face. Then, I made three wishes that I hoped would come true. The other day at school something caught my eye. It was this diary. It has silver stars on it. I knew it wasn't mine, but it seemed as if it was special, so I kept it anyways. I live with my older brother Henry. Our mom went missing one day when we were sitting by a bonfire. Every day after school I go to work to get money for my brother and me. Henry works more than me though and gets a better pay than I do. I pick corn and much more. together my brother and I have enough money for our everyday needs. Sometimes we have a little extra money for supplies we might like to use for our different hobbies. I like reading, writing, being with my brother and playing sports.
October 13
Tomorrow will be the second day of school. The first day of school wasn't too great at first. At the beginning of the day all the parents were expected to come and see how the classroom works. But earlier that day my brother gave me two choices. One was for him to go to my classroom and for us not to have any food because he didn't work. The other one for him to go to work and for him not to come and see how the classroom runs. Some days my brother wouldn't earn enough money to get enough food so he would just get enough food for me and have him hungry. Whenever he did this, he does this I make him split it with me, but he still gives me more than him. At school I got a little jealous when all the parents were there. I was looking around until i saw a girl without any parent. Then I went go ask if she wanted to play outside and she agreed. As soon as we started playing, we became best friends. We had a lot in common too. We both like the color blue and we love sports.
October 14
I'm getting ready school now. It starts in fifteen minutes. right when my friend and I stepped on campus four girls came up to us and said” Hey look there's the two nerds that are all lonely and nobody even was there for them on the first day of school.” Then one of the mean girls started yelling me because she said this was her diary. But she still let me use it since I used some of the pages already. After that my friend said, “She didn't know it was yours!” Then they all looked at each other, took her backpack, went in it, and throw it on the ground. Then the worst part is that one of the girl's dad is the principal. The girl is known for always over exaggerating and making small little problems big things. Once she told her dad he thought that it was necessary to call my brother. Of course, on the second day of school I'm at the principal's office. I was also sad that my stomach would be hurting when we would normally eat dinner. This was all my fault I kept on telling myself. My brother wasn't happy with what I did until i told him what really happened. He said he would have a meeting with some parents since this has happened before to other students. the whole night my brother had a grin on his face.
October 15
Today my brother is going to school with me because of the meeting. He said he was just going to have a little meeting, but I peeked inside but it was practically every parent in the school. Since my brother wasn't working today, we would have no money for food I snuck some cafeteria food home.
October 16
My brother took off work again and seemed extra happy like he was having the best day of his life. I saw all the parents there again but with the principal. Everybody was talking about how the principal and his daughter have created many problems. After the meeting Henry told me to close my eyes and meet him in the principal’s office. I opened my eyes and there was a name tag that said principal Henry. “YOUR THE NEW PRINCAPAL!” I screamed. Now my brother could quit his job and I can quit my job. I knew those three wishes would come true.
The sky was layered with the darkest tar. Each cloud that was visible to the eye resembled recently puffed smoke. The stars that twinkled in the night sky were large ores, reflecting on lakes and rivers as if they were mirrors. Each ore in the night sky had a specific shape which formed installations with other ores. I was camping in Joshua Tree hiking on rocks and admiring the sunset, which was fading away into a night sky. As we were getting closer to the campsite for dinner I felt like an astronomer. Every rock we went higher felt as if we were exploring different planets. Finally, we arrived at our favorite rock which had our campsite and our telescope. I had always been interested in the universe and the world around us and asked myself many questions like: "how did the Earth start?" or " how were stars made the way they are?". Instead of asking myself more questions, I ran to the telescope searching for answers but instead I found something different: a massive meteorite. There wasn't just one, there were many. I thought my life was gonna flash before my eyes. My dad must've spotted them too as he told us to get in the car and leave as quick as possible. The ground shook as if it had split in half. We continued driving and finally arrived at home. "Wake up, you've slept through dinner!" I woke up and realized everything that I had imagined was a dream.
My trembling hands showed everybody how nervous I was. It was the first time this event took place, and the stakes were already high: if I lost I would never be able to do the event again as I would go to middle school but if I won, I could come out as a fashion person. I impatiently waited at my desk until he announced the final people. “May we have Oliver Smith, Aiden Cruz, Bryce Coddington, Ilan Kim, Scott Grillo and Harter, last but not least, Matias Granatur! I thought I was dreaming! I sprinted up to the front office and grabbed my certificate to be able to go on the ads for soccer. I guess it was worth the risk!
The art museum had a bunch of secret rooms in the walls, a lot of suspicious people and a ton hiding spots. We had come to the museum to look at art and play hide seek, but it seemed like it turned into a horror movie. I was stuck in the building clueless where my family had gone. Had they been in the electronic visual art, or any of the other the rooms, I had no idea. I went in what felt like the last room and still didn't see my family but saw someone who was hypnotizing them. I had to do something to help. I ran outside to find something to distract him. I came back in holding a rock in my hand distracting all the stares that came my way. I then sprinted in the room where the weird guy and my family was, and they were still there. But he was doing something different. He was trying to convert them to his side. so, I got one of his outfits to disguise and told him that the front office needed him urgently. He went to the office as I had another problem: what was the button that let my family out of there tied in chairs. I pressed every button and on the second to last they were saved. I pressed on the last button wondering what is was and, on the loudspeaker, I heard the bold words of an A.I. “Everybody must evacuate from the building; self-destruct will occur in 30 seconds.” Taking off the coat that was used, my whole family had sprinted to safety. Not only had I saved my family, everyone else was saved as the museum was not anymore a point of interest.
October 18
I throw myself backwards onto my bed and sigh deeply. The cramped sleeping space doesn`t give me as much trouble as it used to. I can`t stop thinking about poor Senor Johnston and his efforts to win over that horrible Miguela. He is such a good man, probably better than Miguela deserves. His gifts of ink and quills yesterday proves it. I think he was impressed by my capabilities. I’m a girl, a servant with no pay. Is it wrong for a servant girl to feel pride? I think I am a good reader and writer, and I have knowledge. I’m starting to think maybe I should have a real fluffy bed too.
I feel lucky to be here and have a roof over my head. I am very grateful for Miguela too sometimes; I am happy she gave up the dairy. After Senor Johnston gave me new ink and quills, I am grateful that I do not have to hide my dairy anymore. Now I can write whenever I want. Not having to keep it hidden and a secret.
I have noticed the other servants look at me funny. Maybe it is because girls like me aren't supposed to have an education and know how to read or write. Maybe because I have become a favorite to Senor Johnston. I can see they are wondering what I am carrying around everywhere and wondering what it is I am writing in my dairy. Maybe now I should start hiding it again so no one can read it!!
I am going on a field trip with my class. We are going camping! It takes about one or two hours to get there. When we arrive, I see that the night sky is dark. The stars almost blind my eyes. There would usually be clouds in the sky, but tonight they all cleared away. The bright stars reflect in the river. The lake is so bright from the stars, the lake is light blue.
We unload the bus and set up our tents. Once we unload the tents, we decide to go for a hike. Once we start the hike, the sky is dark, and I start shivering. I think I am the only one who is scared right now? After about ten or fifteen minutes we all hear a growling noise inside the bushes. Everybody starts to panic and run in different directions. We all get lost. Especially myself. I run for a long time getting lost somewhere, along with the other kids. Though, I don’t see anybody else! “They must’ve ran in different directions”, I thought. So, I start to look around in different directions. Soon I hear something in a bush. I scream, hoping that somebody would hear me. Then, somebody comes out of the bush. I scream again. Oh, it’s Sasha. ” Hey Sasha”, I say. Sasha responds,” Hey”. We talk for a while trying to discuss how we are going to get out of here and find the others. Finally, we come up with a plan. Firstly, we need everyone to come to our area. Sasha and I try to scream for everybody to come here but only a few kids come that are nearby. We have to make a signal that everyone sees so they will come to this area. I also have some string. I think of an idea! I tell the idea to the others and we all start working on it. We finish. All of us made some big words out of large sticks reading, “Come to this area”. We tied the sticks together with my string to make the words, and soon enough everybody came to our area. The adults show the way back to the camp and thank Sasha and I of what we’ve done. Camp buddies!
From the ground I could see the legs of chairs. Also, from my waist I could see some first graders running for secretary and the election table with the ballets. From my head, I could see kids running for vice president. From the ceiling I could see the bright stage lights, the banners, and the lights.
I was so nervous if I was going to win the election. Well, my friends supported me and shouted, “Go Sasha!”. I felt more confident with my friends cheering me on. Before I knew it, Me. Egan called my name.
I walked to the speaker, with my hands shaking, and started my speech, and I might of made a few mistakes but that’s okay. After my speech, the audience gave a round of a plause. The next student started their speech and so on.
After about an hour, everybody gave their speeches. All the students went back to their classes. Before I knew it, the school day as over. I couldn’t wait to see the results. I hope I won first vice president. After school, everybody crowded around the results. I peeked in, and I couldn’t believe it! I was tied with a student named Amy!
The floor is nice and smooth, and the carpet is nice and fluffy. Also, the table is smooth and ginger brown. The roof is pale brown. I’m nervous, my hands are shaking not knowing what to think. I feel pale not knowing what to do. I feel depressed and nervous not knowing if I should give up or not.
I needed to win the boat racing contest, since I do really enjoy watching boats race down rivers. I have a problem though. I don’t know how to start the boat, each time I put a piece to start building the boat, then I think to myself, should I change the piece? This feeling inside of me, confusion, stressed, I didn’t know what to do. Also, I certainly couldn’t finish this boat until tomorrow evening. I felt depressed until I heard my dad’s footsteps walking into my room. “Leo are you there?”.
My face lit up like the sun. I thought to myself at that moment that my dad always gives me advice, he might help me. My dad walked in and asked, “Leo do you need help with your boat?”. I responded,” Yes dad could you please help me?”. My dad walked over. We both started to work on the boat. Also, in just a few hours we built it! I couldn’t wait for tomorrow evening.
The morning passed by pretty quickly, and before I knew it my dad and I were on our way to the boat racing contest. When we arrived, I could feel a lump in my throat. When we walked over, I could see many kids with very nice boats I their arms. The race was about to start, and I was confident that I was going to win.
The race starts and my boat is not in the lead. I feel sad, but I still have a chance of winning. It’s five minutes in the race, and one players boat starts to fall apart. I am close to being first, but there is only one boat in my way. Soon, my boat caught up to the one in the lead. We were at the same speed side to side. Our boats were close to the finish line, and all the other boats were behind. My boat and the one next to mine got really close to the finish line, until we tied! The owner of the second boat and I went up to get our trophies, and then I realized that the other winner was my friend, Kyle! I was so surprised and everybody congratulated us.
Yesterday I could not believe that Senor Johnston was amazed by my writing! I expected him to be ashamed of me, but I was wrong. He is kinder than I thought! I am really hoping that Miguela marries Senor Johnston. I couldn’t imagine a better match for Miguela.
Today, I was back to the usual, milking the goats and spending time in the courtyard. While I was spending time in the courtyard, I noticed something strange. I don’t have my diary with me. I needed to find it before anyone else does! I looked around the courtyard, but it wasn’t there. I went to the goats, but I was too late Miguela had found my diary. I had just stood there without saying a word, and finally, she turned around and screamed in frustration,” Maria!”.
I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know her next move. I ran to her and begged,” Please, Miguela, do not tell this to anyone!”. Once again, I was too late. Everybody heard the scream and ran over to Miguela. They looked back at her, And back at me, then back at her, and back at me. I couldn’t stand but giggle a little. They gave me a mad look, so I shut my mouth immediately. Then everybody screamed,” Maria, would you like to explain!?”. Honestly, I don’t know why I have a diary. Maybe it just helped me express my feeling in a way. Though, I knew my family wouldn’t understand that. So, I was speechless. They screamed again,” Maria would you like to explain?!”. I knew I had to tell them, or they would become more frustrated. So, I just said, “It helps me express my feelings.” They all stood there without saying a word. Surprisingly, they all grabbed diaries from their pockets! I stood there in shock! Then they finally said,” You’re not the only one.”
The class chattered. From outside, you could hear the voices of the office and other people. You couldn’t tell if the chatter was nervousness or excitedness. The teacher sighed. The sounds of the loudspeaker came on.
I was nervous. My hands shook. I twisted my pencil around with my fingers, anxiously waiting for the results of the election. I had run for class president. “Congratulations to all who tried out for the class president.” You could hear the crumpling of the envelope as the principal opened it. “And the winner is.... Alice Green!” My heart sank. The PA system turned off, then about a second later, it came on again. “Sorry, we got the wrong envelope. We might have to delay the results for a little while.” the principal, Ms. Cherry said. You could hear the ‘awwws’ of the classes. I made it through to recess. When the other kids were playing, I decided to look for the envelope. I knew what it looked like because my mom was the secretary and she tallies up the results. I once helped her, or more like watched her. My eyes searched around, hoping to see the colorful envelope. Something caught my eye: a rainbow piece of paper. I ran towards it, hoping to see the envelope, but all I saw was a rainbow lunchbox. I felt tears sting my eyes. I was about to cry, but then I saw it: the envelope. I quickly retrieved it and ran to the office. I handed it to the principal. Just then the bell rang. I ran to class. When I settled down at my desk, the announcer came on. “And the winner is.... the person who found the envelope, Ms. Sarah Holton!” I jumped for joy. The class cheered. I felt my face gleaming with pride.
The ambulance screamed. The neighborhood was frantic. The crickets chirped, but you couldn’t hear them over the voices that were full of emotion: anger, sadness, disappointment, you name it. Look to the right and you could see the ambulance pulling up. On the left, people whispering. The city buildings towered over the small houses. The sky was bright, though it was in the evening.
I felt tears sting my eyes as they loaded my father into the ambulance. That day, he was helping me with my bike riding, but he looked back and didn’t see where he was going. He crashed into a pole and banged his head. On top of that, it was a metal pole. That wasn’t even the worst part. His bike had gotten small rocks stuck in the tire. We didn’t even notice it until Dad gnashed his forehead in the pole. His tire was out of air! It ran out of air and made Dad slam his whole body into the metal. His bike was all ruined, too. His face wasn’t a good sight to see: blood, scratches, etc. I wish I could go back in time. He offered to go on a nice, peaceful walk, but I said stubbornly, “I want to go bike riding.” I should have accepted, I thought as my mom pulled me away. We walked over to our house, feeling horrible. When I was going inside, I caught a glimpse of the pole. That night we visited him in the hospital. He was hooked up to all these kinds of equipment. I felt like the universe was against me as he weakly said, “Hey guys...” I couldn’t bear to see him so shaky. I only knew him as a strong man. It felt weird to see him almost on the verge of fainting. All he could muster was a trembling smile. When I was in bed, the scene kept on replaying in my mind: him bumping into the pole. The next morning, I woke up with a start. I quickly got dressed. I ran down, hopeful that he was better than he was yesterday. My mom was waiting in the kitchen. We went to the hospital. Instead of looking better, he looked worse. BRINNGGG! BRRRIIINGGGGG! I woke with a start. I went downstairs, only to see my dad! I was happy it was a dream.
October 19
The ranch was calm. The smell of bread wafted through the air. It was silent as the servants cleaned and wiped the cold, dusty floor. The workers dusted the dirty, brown tables, each grunting in frustration. Up above there was a fancy chandelier, one I could never even dream to own.
“Rosalia!” Domingo’s strong, assertive voice shot me out of my daydream. “Huh? What?” I said. “It’s your turn today to polish the mirrors,” He responded, annoyed. “Do I really have to keep track of your responsibilities too?” Polishing the mirrors was the worst task. In Senor Miguela’s room, mirrors were plenty. Surrounding her bed were a series of mirrors. I groaned. When you polished one, there was another to clean. It was endless. I grumbled when I walked up the stairs. “Oh, Rosalia, do you still have that trashy journal?” she giggled. “Here, come help me pick out an outfit.” she said, pointing to her huge selection of silky clothes. “Umm... I’m not so sure...”
“Hmm... no... It doesn’t look right... maybe a sweater?” It was hard to believe, but I was almost having fun! I mean, fun with Miguela? It didn’t sound right until now. Finally, she decided on her outfit for the day. I could then start with my job. After I finally finished, Senor Johnston rode up with his horse. He looked too nice for just visiting. Then I realized what was happening! He was going to ask Miguela for her hand in marriage. I couldn’t bear to see another man’s heart broken, as they slumped away from the ranch. But I didn’t want to break his heart before Miguela could even say “no” to him. He approached me, then said, “The Medina family invited me for lunch. Can you believe it?” Phew! I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe things will work out after all, I thought.
It was a bright, night sky. The moon shone as bright as the Sun. The stars were like little fireflies in the sky.
Suddenly there was an explosion in the air.
"This is agent 7-0-0, come in," I said.
Then came the response," Yes, and this is agent 0-0-7".
"Meet me at the vault nestled behind the farm buildings in between the rivers and lakes."
I ran to the vault where I saw 007 already waiting. "Do you have the C4?"
He replied, "Yes," then took the C4 out of his pocket and stuck it on the vault. Next he fiddled with the wires in order to get the timer started. Then we ran for cover.
BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.............BOOOM!
The vault door opened sending sparks everywhere. 007 and i grabbed the secret documents.
Leaving the scene, we paused, sat down on the grass and looked at the stars reflected in the rivers and lakes.
"What an amazing night!" I said.
I was so nervous, my teeth were chattering so hard that they sounded like 24 woodpeckers looking for bugs in a wooden drum; and my legs were trembling so hard that I felt like a glob of glue sitting on a plate in a strong earthquake. I waited so long, I had to find something to do. On the floor there was an iPhone. Someone had dropped it! It belonged to my friend and competitor, Jeff Gates. I knew his password.
After I had played 10 games on Jeff’s iPhone the loudspeaker cackled into life. It was so quiet it sounded like a baby laughing three houses away. There was lots of ‘thank yous’ and appreciations then, suddenly, I heard my name called. I was so excited that I jumped out of my seat and yelled, “That’s me! That's me!”
I dashed to the microphone and grabbed it. “Thank you for voting for me. I know there was another choice to make but you made the most difficult choice. Me! Jumbo Jimmy Flimmy Junior! Thank
A massive truck was hurtling in this direction, a cold deadly meteor.........
(One hour earlier.)
“Hey, Dad, would you like some help?”
“No thanks, son.”
“Are you sure? It looks like you are struggling, like a snail on a gravel path.” Dad struggles when he is in the kitchen and usually needs help, but not today. It felt quite strange so I asked him again,” Would you like some help?” and he said, "No”.
Now I felt for sure something was wrong. “Is there something wrong then?”
“Ye-ye-yes. I have good news that I wanted to hide but, oh, what the heck, I'll tell you. We bought a new bike for you.”
My jaw dropped with excitement. I have wanted a new bike for so long. I asked,” Where is it?”
“In the garage. You know,” he sighed, “I never had a bike.”
I blinked. “Never? “
“Never! Wow!” I took the bike out of the garage and tested the brakes and saddle height, but dad had fixed it perfectly. “Can I go for a ride?”
“Have you done your homework?”
“Yes! I have, but I was hoping you would check it.”
“Consider it done. I want you to stick to the sidewalk like cotton candy in hair.”
With my helmet on and a look of glory on my face, I zoomed off, a lime green flash of lightning. So fast was I going that I almost flew, but more importantly I did not see the humongous Smart and Final truck turning in front of me. It missed me narrowly, an atom’s space between me and the truck.
Afterwards I went home. Dad said, “Was it exciting?”
I avoided the question. “Are you sure you don't want help in the kitchen?” I asked sheepishly.
The sky was light blue, the birds were chirping, and it was the perfect day to go, wait for it, wait for it, shopping! Everybody was in a good mood, and nobody was down. It was the weekend, so nobody could be down!
Maya was at home, desperately waiting for her birthday to start. Well, first they had to drive to Disneyland, which is like an hour away. When all of her family members arrived, they all went driving to Disneyland. Somehow, they got lost in directions! They didn’t realize at first, but soon enough they realized that they were driving in the middle of nowhere! They could only see a few buildings and they totally knew Disneyland wasn’t there! They didn’t know where to go!
After a while, they finally found a road! When they drove on the road, it just led them to a street they were somehow familiar with. Then, they saw their house! They returned to where they started! No, it was a little different. The sky was darker than usual, and all the lights were out. When Maya and her family walked on the road, they heard an unusual sound.
Before they could walk any further, Maya fell to the ground in a blink of an eye. A few hours passed, and Maya finally woke up. Maya screamed. She shouted,” Where am I!” She was in a dark place, probably was a basement. Somebody wearing a mask approached her. He came closer, and closer, and closer, until, Maya screamed,” Aaaah!”. She was laying in her bed. “How did I get here?” she wondered. Then, she realized it was all just a dream and has a great birthday ahead of her.
October 18
Lupita woke me early this morning. She shook my shoulder and with a gentle shout said, “The Fiesta is coming tomorrow. You know it’s Miguela’s cumpleaños, Rosa. You must go to the garden to get the melons, and avocados. Don’t forget to go to the grain storage because we’ll need corn and beans.” I was still sleepy and slowly walked to the garden trying to remember everything. She’d also asked me to tell Gregorio and Domingo they had to slaughter a pig and get it ready for the birthday party.
I went to the garden; the bougainvillea was looking gorgeous. The squash wasn't doing as well as normal, but it still looked fine enough to eat. I took a lot of each thing Lupita asked me to get. Then I ran back into the house, hoping for some breakfast. I had a little bit of bread and that was it, because there were only enough eggs for the Medina family. It was extremely frustrating when Miguela, Rafaela and Gabriela barely touched their food, especially because I was still a little bit hungry.
After breakfast Miguela asked me to wash her favorite blouse for the party. Her papa had spilled some red wine on it the night before. She told me that she was certain I wouldn’t want to disappoint her by not getting the stain out. I was very upset because I have little experience with laundry or stains. What could I do?
Fortunately, Lupita knew an old trick about how to get out red wine stains she learned from her Great Aunt Ysabel. She told me to fetch salt, and to rub it with some lemon juice into the stain. It looked just the same to me. I thought Miguela was going to be so disappointed, but Lupita told me to just wait until tomorrow, to let it soak overnight.
I’m so worried I hope it works. I hope Ican sleep.
The cold, brilliant, and mysterious night sky is as black as a panther. As the star twinkles in the night sky, they are using up hydrogen. Sometimes very chilling clouds are in the blue sky. The stars reflect in the wet rivers and lakes. Also, if stars use up all of their hydrogen, then they will stop shining in the blue sky. They will also turn into a black hole. These black holes are very dangerous. They won’t even let a beam of light escape! If you can look very closely on specific days, then you will see that there are some small red specs in the sky that aren’t stars. They are actually the planets Venus and Mars. The night sky is truly amazing. This is what happens in the dark, mysterious sky at night.

The floor was cool and chilling. As I looked around, I saw backpacks, water bottles, and flowers everywhere for celebration today.
“Hey Jake!” my friend said interrupting my thoughts. “Didn’t you participate in the skipping grade contest?” Today I was told that the winner of the skipping grade contest was going to be promoted! I was nervous and worried. Three weeks earlier, I had entered into a special test to prove if I could skip a grade. I really wanted to skip a grade because there were bullies in my grade. So if I could skip a grade, then I wouldn’t be in their grade anymore and I would be superior to them instead of inferior. So from then on I used the ability that they called “Nerdiness” to maybe take the test to skip the grade that I was going into. On the loudspeaker the principle called up every single person who took the test, including me! My heart was thumping out of my chest. Both nervousness and fear filled me up to the brain. Only one person out of all the kids testing would get to skip a grade. It was down to the finals which was me against one of the bullies from my grade. Slowly, the principle called out my name and I was the chosen one! I would now be able to skip a grade.
The cold, wood floor makes every step hard and blistering. At about waist level, I could see my bad in my bedroom. I looked through the window at the dark, beautiful, night sky. Finally, after a few minutes I went to bed. The next morning, I thought about what had happened about my sister’s and my argument. Slowly, she came downstairs. She said good morning to my mother as if nothing had happened at all yesterday.
“Good morning Mother! Is breakfast ready?” Clearly, it was because I already had my scrambled eggs and bacon.
“Of course dear. Make sure to eat some extra eggs for your math test today!” My mother called out. As my sister got her dish, instead of taking her usual seat next to me, she walked all the way to the living room on the couch to sit. But what really ticked me off was the fact that on her way to the couch, she elbowed me in the shoulder.
Yesterday, we were just playing a normal game of Monopoly, when my father came in and said, “We’re going out to eat for Elisa’s birthday!” Elisa is my sister and she had her birthday yesterday and I had totally forgot! When I told her that I didn’t have a birthday present, she got extremely upset. Even though I told her that I would make up for it and I had a lot of stuff on my shoulders, she still was very upset. Ever since, she ignored every little thing that I said and pretended that I did not exist.
I decided that an apology was needed. Maybe with a late birthday gift! So after school, I ran after her.
“Elisa!” I yelled. “Wait up!” At first she ignored me and kept on walking at that pace. “I’m sorry. I really am. I just wanted to say I didn’t have time to focus on my personal family. I could barely keep up with my school work. I got you a gift to make up for it,” I said.
“Okay I forgive you. I was just worried that you wouldn’t spare time for me ever again,”
she replied.
“I’ll race you home,” I said.
“Okay but…. I GET A HEAD START!” she exclaimed as we raced home to biscuits and tea.
October 18

The Morning wind sweeps by and makes the morning floorboard even more cold. Today I feel Great and indestructible. Yet I have a weakness like Achilles heel. My Diary. Today Santiago, a boss of all the workers, found out about my secret! He was about to show it to the Medina family!
“Santiago!” I yelled. I did some quick thinking and quickly threw the vase at Santiago. He was hit so I quickly ran and got the diary back from him. I hid inside my servant’s quarters while Santiago was fuming about this problem. I was trapped so I decided that I should just wait him out till break in the afternoon. Enraged, he stormed back to his quarters. As he dried off is hair, I could hear him chuckling,
“Useless servant. Couldn’t tell the difference between a bible and a diary!” I quickly checked to see if her diary was still there. Instead of a diary, a book with a cross on it was there. That meant that Santiago had the diary! I decided to wait till nightfall to steal my diary back. During the remaining time in the day, I did my work silently waiting for night to come. Finally, the darkness came so I quickly checked to see if Santiago is sleeping. Sure enough, he was fast asleep. I went into the room. Every creak in the floor made my heart ache. Step by step I made my way across to the drawer and took my diary back.
“I Have another idea,” I schemed. I tickled Santiago to wake him up. Soon, he woke up to see me with the diary! I ran as fast as I could to get to my quarters. With all of this racket, the medina family awoke to see Santiago in his pajamas yelling nothing because I reached my quarters.
“Come out! I know you are there!” Santiago bellowed. The father of the Medina family, José Came out in his pajamas and with a lantern just looking at Santiago in disappointment. José scolded Santiago,
“Look what you did! You made such a racket! Now everyone in here is awake because of you. You are Fired!”
“One of the maidens should be punished. Not me! I saw one in my room!” Santiago reasoned with hope.
“All thanks to the big racket you made, all the Maidens are awake and we can’t tell which Maiden is which! My decision is final!” Jose exclaimed. Now that I got my diary back and Santiago is fired, I can finally get some rest for the night.
It was a pitch-black night in August and the sky looked like diamonds. We were sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and making smores. There were millions of stars twinkling high in the sky. We could hear the crashing of waves against the cliffs where our campsites were set up. It was my mom’s turn to tell scary story. I screamed, `` Oh My Gosh!” The ending was just like a Stephen King movie. We got up to take a break and sometimes a terrifying cloud would float by. It was perfect summer night and we were ready to sing songs or listen to the ocean. The beautiful night sky reflected off the water and made us wish that camping on the beach would never end. School was going to start soon and summer would be over. I can`t wait for next summer!!!!!!
One Summer day, when I was about 5 years old my family and I were camping at
the beach. I begged my Dad to help me ride my new bike. I had been riding a bike with
training wheels. Dad gave in and said, “Ok but look out for little rocks. They
are very slippery.”
I said “OKIE DOKIE!” Then he gave me a push. At first, I felt like a
bird gliding in the air. Then the moment was over, I hit a little rocky area and I lost
control. I was really scared my bike was all over the place. I remember hearing a loud
“BANG” and I hit the ground. Dad came running over and helped me up. He checked
out my bike too. He asked if I was ready to try again. I`m so glad I didn`t give up. Riding
my bike is one of my favorite activities and Dad is always there to help.
October 18
I throw myself backwards onto my bed and sigh deeply. The cramped sleeping space doesn`t give me as much trouble as it used to. I can`t stop thinking about poor Senor Johnston and his efforts to win over that horrible Miguela. He is such a good man, probably better than Miguela deserves. His gifts of ink and quills yesterday proves it. I think he was impressed by my capabilities. I’m a girl, a servant with no pay. Is it wrong for a servant girl to feel pride? I think I am a good reader and writer, and I have knowledge. I’m starting to think maybe I should have a real fluffy bed too.
I feel lucky to be here and have a roof over my head. I am very grateful for Miguela too sometimes; I am happy she gave up the dairy. After Senor Johnston gave me new ink and quills, I am grateful that I do not have to hide my dairy anymore. Now I can write whenever I want. Not having to keep it hidden and a secret.
I have noticed the other servants look at me funny. Maybe it is because girls like me aren't supposed to have an education and know how to read or write. Maybe because I have become a favorite to Senor Johnston. I can see they are wondering what I am carrying around everywhere and wondering what it is I am writing in my dairy. Maybe now I should start hiding it again so no one can read it!!
The beautiful night sky is gloomy and dark. The little girl sits on the big hard rock next to the calm river. She looks at the river and the reflection of the shimmering stars. Constantly she looks up to see the twinkling stars high up in the night sky. She loves the stars the most because it makes her wonder if they're planets, and if they are she wonders what different types of planets it is. Looking up wishing she can see the beautiful night sky again another night.
Today was the big day and I was really nervous. I was so nervous that my palms were sweating and my heart rate was increasing. I would have to stand in front of the whole school, and give my election speech. As I was waiting I kept on reciting my speech, but I kept on saying words twice. I felt like I was going to mess up the whole thing. Finally, it was my turn to go on up. Once I looked up I saw so many eyes staring at me. I felt very scared and nervous. As I talked I remembered what mom said," Have pride" - to have confidence and be brave. Remembering that, I felt a little more confidence as I talked. After my speech they gave me a round of applause. I felt like all my nervousness went away, and I was happy and proud of my work. Once everyone was done we all went to class. As I was working I was wondering who would be the winner. While I was thinking about that I felt my nervousness slipping back in. After waiting patiently, the bell rang and that meant someone is going to give an announcement on the loudspeaker. Trying to hear from all the kids excited about the results, I heard my name being called,"Kaylen Johnson for President, you won the election." I was super excited that I jumped in the air saying,"Yeah!" As soon as school was out I ran home to tell mom that her advice helped me overcome my nervousness and that I won the election. My mom was so happy for me that she made my favorite dinner, spaghetti with meatballs!
October 18
Today, I can't stop writing because of the new paints and quills Johnston gifted to me. I had to wait to write today because I had to do my chores: milk the goat, sweep the veranda, and gather the herbs, fruits, and vegetables. After my chores, I saw Rafaela coming in my direction. “Where are you going?” I asked. Rafaela said quietly,” I just came outside just because I wanted to breath the fresh air and see if there was something for me to do until we have dinner.” “Maybe you and I could play together?” I questioned. “Great idea!” she said with excitement.
I was so happy to get to play with someone during our free time. First, we played dolls. She had three pretty dolls with long dresses on. One dress was blue and had a beautiful pink ribbon tied to it on the doll's waist. Another one had a beautiful ombre of light blue and a light purple. The last one was my favorite - it had the prettiest colors like a rainbow, from top to bottom. As we were playing, I looked at the clock and told her I had to leave because I needed to help Lupita cook for dinner. So, we said our good-byes and I went to go find Lupita.
After I found Lupita, I started helping cook tonight's special dinner. The dinner was going to be tortillas with some warm milk from when I milked the goats. For the warm milk, I had to get the firewood and I watched as padre put the fire into the fireplace to heat it. After I ate, I went upstairs to start writing but as I hopped in bed, I suddenly felt my eyelids close and I was in deep sleep.
One night, I was cuddled up in my bed, and my parents were fast asleep when I heard a silent knock on the front door. I knew my parents were fast asleep and would not check. Since my room was closest to the front door, I decided that I would check. I got up and hesitantly walked to the front door. When I opened it up, I looked outside in the front lawn but saw nothing but the dark black night sky. Tonight, the stars were as bright as the sun it seemed. They were so high I could barely see them except for the fact that they were bright. It seemed as if they were waving down at me from millions of miles away. Occasionally, the sky is so cloudy that it seems like the stars are being controlled by the dark sky. I went back in my house to see the stars' glimmer bounce off my pool. I looked at the nearby lake, it looked like it was a shining patch of black. Right about then, my parents told me to get back in bed. So, I went to my bed and from my bed looked through my bedroom window at the wonderful stars and night sky.
It was the day! I woke up to the sweet smell of my favorite breakfast, chocolate muffins. Then, I got dressed, made my lunch, packed my backpack, and hopped in the car to go to school. I could not wait to do my student council speech and see if I would win. I had worked on the speech day and night for three days in a row! At exactly noon the speeches began. I was the last speech. Everyone who went before me got a silent applause but once my speech was over everyone was bursting with claps and applauses. Once we finished the speeches everyone went back to class to do their votes. At the end of the day that felt like twenty years the results were in. The principal announced on the humongous loudspeaker everyone who had won. When it got to the last spot, president, I heard my name said and started celebrating with my friends. What a coincidence the longest day of my life was also one of the best.
Mr. Johnston’s family came, his younger brother started yelling at all the servants to work harder. Mr. Johnston was upset with him for being so rude. The Medina’s kicked Senior Johnston out of the rancho. Miguela started acting nice to him, for I think she likes him.
I told all the other servants to come to my room after they were done with all their work. We all planned on a way to get the Medina’s to leave the rancho. If Miguela left the ranch, Senior Johnston’s brother would surely leave too. A few minutes after our meeting, Miguela appointed Mr. Johnston’s brother as the leader of the rancho with her. His first command was to fire all the servants that didn’t do extra work. We thought that it wasn’t fair so we said that there is a lion on the loose.
They all ran inside and every two hours we said there was another lion spotting. They all got really scared. Then, they came to me and said that they were giving the rancho to me! I thanked them and said, “ You guys should get going.” So, they all went to town and started a business there. My first command was there is no commands. Today was great! I hope tomorrow is too!
One day I got out of bed because I had a scary dream. I had to find a way to get this scary dream out of my head. I went into the kitchen to get some water. I took one sip, I didn’t feel any better. I took another sip. Still I didn’t feel better. I tried something else to get that bad dream out of my head. My idea was to go outside to get some fresh air. I went outside. I looked up to get some fresh air but I saw something. It was beautiful. It was calm. It was the night sky. I could see the twinkling stars dancing in the sky. It looked like a soft pillow I could rest my head on. Some times there are clouds in the sky, but not tonight. The sky looked like a black pearl with little lights that I thought showed a sign of joy. Then I went back under my warm covers and had dreams of nice things. The night sky did the trick.
I always wanted to be elected for student president. It was my lifelong dream. I put up
fliers everywhere high and low. I put lollipops in everyone's pockets hoping that would
persuade them to vote for me. I had worked so hard, but did I work hard enough? I
counted down the days until the election, wondering if I had given enough effort.
The day was finally here. It was time to hear the election results. The grass swayed just
like a crowd of people. I was so nervous that my teeth started to chomp as if I was eating a
greasy hamburger. I was waiting for the booming loudspeaker to come on to announce the
student president. I was sitting in my classroom working on math when the ear-blowing
speaker came on. The principal said my name “Rylan Kimmel-Brown". I had done it!
All of my friends and I were so happy that we wanted play a game. Ethan said, “Let's
play tag”. We all wanted to play tag. It was a short game. I counted, tagged someone, and won
the game. It might have been short, but it was fun. It was quite a day. The hard work paid off!
Dad helps me a lot with everything. I love him so much. The more things I need todo, dad helps
me, especially in the kitchen, with my bike, and with my homework. In the kitchen there are hot pans and sharp knives. Dad tells me the knives are sharp and I need to handle them with care.He tells me to stay away from the red burning hot pans.Once I heard this information, I never went near them ever again.When I go down to the lighthouse and I always bring our bikes. Dad taught me how to ride a bike. I tried it and got that heavy little thing running. My dad had perfect instructions. When I started getting homework it was tough. Dad helped figure it out. From that day dad helped me with my mind-blowing homework at 4:30. He even helped me with this assignment. Dad and I love working together in everything. Were like a team but more. We love hanging out her and we always will.
It was a hot and sunny day. The birds were chirping, the forest was beautiful. Two kids were sitting with nothing to do. They wanted to do something in the massive green forest.
“Poppy, I have an idea,” Rylan said. “What is it Rylan?" Poppy asked. “We should go camping" Rylan said. “But what about mom? How are we going to sneak out?” Poppy asked. Rylan walked around the room, his brain exploding with ideas. “Oh, I got it!” Rylan said. “First, we sneak into Mom and Dad's room, grab the rope and hurry out”. Poppy interrupted, “Next we tie the rope to my bed and open the window, throw the rope out the window and climb down our two-story building”. “Let's do this!” they both shouted.
Rylan and Poppy tiptoed into their Mom and Dad's room to grab the rope when they heard their Mom walking into the room. “Allright, do we hide or lie?” Poppy asked. “Hide” Rylan said. They hid under the bed as fast as they could as the footsteps got closer. Closer and closer until their mom came into the room. She walked around the room looking for her phone. Apparently, her phone was under the bed where Rylan and Poppy were hiding. “Well now what?” Rylan whispered to Poppy. Poppy whispered, “Hopefully she will just go away”. Finally, their mom left, and Rylan and Poppy got out from under the bed. “Phew, that was a close one” Rylan said. “Alright, let’s go camping.”
Rylan and Poppy went upstairs to tie the rope and climb out without getting spotted. “Run!” Poppy shouted. As they were running away to go camping they looked back to see if their mom was there as they vanished into the branchy forest. “You know what? We forgot our tents” Rylan said. Then Rylan and Poppy heard something loud. “Um, Poppy? Did you hear that?”. “Yes” Poppy answered. They looked behind them. “Rawr!”. “Ahhhhh” they both screamed.
There was a bear behind them. They ran away as fast as they could grasping for air. “It looks like we’re dead meat. Nice knowing you” Poppy said. However, for some reason the bear started to move slower and slower and then stopped. “What happened?” Poppy asked. Apparently, there were two kids emerging from the distance with scary masks. “Please don’t hurt us” Rylan said while Poppy screamed. “We won’t hurt you” the two figures said. “Are you trying to go home?” they said. “Now we are” Rylan said. “Can we come with you?” the two kids asked. “Sure” Rylan and Poppy agreed. “My name is Larry” the first boy said. “My name is Freddy” said the second boy. “We’re lost, but we know our mom and dad’s number” Larry and Freddy said. “Okay, let’s go” all four kids said.
As everyone was walking back to Rylan and Poppy’s house, they were chased by other boys. “It looks like you guys are dead meat” they said. "Quick Rylan! Poppy! Run! Me and Larry will keep them back. Call 911” Said Freddy. Rylan and Poppy went back to the house, climbed up the rope they had left down before, and went straight to the phone. “Oh no! Dad’s home! He’s going to check on us” Poppy said. “I will keep dad distracted” Rylan said.
Meanwhile, back at the forest Freddy and Larry were fighting off the two boys. “ Freddy, give them all you got!” said Larry. “I’m trying” said Freddy. “I know what to do!” Freddy said. “What?” asked
Larry. “Let’s use our special move, the karate kick!” They kicked each man in the stomach and knocked them out.
Back at Rylan and Poppy’s house... “Hello Policeman? There are crazy men chasing us. Please help.” Poppy said. “We're on our way” the Policeman said. Their dad pulled up into the driveway and Rylan raced down to distract him.
As soon as the cops got to their house, Rylan left his dad in the driveway and went upstairs to join Poppy. Larry and Freddy found their way to their house, and also joined Poppy and Rylan using the rope they left to climb up. As soon as they got into the room, they looked out the window and saw something familiar. “Freddy, do you see what I see?” Larry said. “Home!” Freddy said. “Thank you Rylan and Poppy” said Larry and Freddy. Rylan and Poppy heard their dad walking up the stairs. Before their dad came into the room, Larry and Freddy jumped out the window and ran for home. Just then their dad walked in. “Hey guys, what did you do today?” he said. Rylan and Poppy stared at each other and said “Ummmm...nothing exciting.”

Today I had a very good morning. The birds were singing and the trees were swaying. It was hot and humid in the desert and the sun was beating down upon the sand.
Domingo and I were having the best day. When we went out to play, it changed the whole day. Today someone threw my diary over the walls of the Ranchero because they thought I was keeping secrets. I found out who it was and threw their food in the trash. I guess I shouldn’t have done that because I was sent upstairs and locked in my room. The windows and doors were all locked. I was sitting alone in my room and found items to make a lock pick to unlock the window. I found a wool blanket and decided to use it to climb out of the window when nighttime came so I could fetch my diary. All of the tools were set.
Apparently, Domingo my brother, was also being sent up to the same room where I was being held captive. Once he got there, a guard was keeping watch over us. Finally, the guard left, and I was able to show Domingo the tools I made and what happened to my diary. I asked him if he could help get my diary back. He said “Yes I can help you”. He looked like he was ready for any adventure.
When nighttime came, Domingo and I opened the window and used the blanket to climb down from the second story of the Ranchero. At that time, there was only one guard in the area. I climbed down first and Domingo followed. We looked out at the courtyard of the Ranchero to see how we could get the diary back. We climbed over the wall and I saw my diary on the other side under a tree. I quickly grabbed the diary, climbed back over the wall, and Domingo and I climbed back up the blanket into our room without anyone noticing.
It was a crazy day full of adventure. I finally had my diary back and was looking forward to writing about the next day
Imagine that the night sky is pitch black. The only noise you could here is fast cars driving on the freeway and many crickets cricketing. The sound may be soothing to some or annoying to others.every few minutes you here sirens pass by and see the red and blue lights flashing for a few seconds, and then the car is out of sight. Hours pass and you are still staring at a once-in-a-life-time scene. But not for much longer when you see a cloud that is gray, like usual to where you are. Still some more gleaming stars in your eyes before the clouds take over the big, beautiful sky. One twinkling star remains uncovered, for that star is the brightest star you’ve ever seen. That gleaming star still shines even when the heaviest, the darkest, and the most filled cloud is overlapping that shining ball. Sometimes you wonder if that is not a star but a UFO. The raining louds form a river on your street’s neighborhood. That very star shows a reflection in the rain’s giant puddle\river. Also, a lake not far from the busy highway sits a lake usually filled with green frogs, tadpoles and a lot more insects and bugs such as butterflies.

I am nervous. I had never run for office before and I am sure everyone was going to pick Henry because he said he was going to get lemonade at lunch time. I only explained that as first VP, we could hold fundraisers to get school supplies which leads to more homework that kids at my school don’t prefer. I had jitters during the election process. I of course voted for myself and my friends because I support them. Then finally, the bell rang, and it was time to go home. Shortly, the loudspeaker came on before anyone could leave and it was the election results. I was crossing my fingers hoping to hear my name be said. “and for first VP it is-” I interrupted the principal and barged into the office and saw my name on the list! Wow, I won!
Overall, it was a lucky day so far, the sky was blue, the sun was shining not too hot though, no kids were fighting over rules, and finally, I won. The trees were also congratulating me by waving their branches. The wonderful walk home was windy and one’s surprise when I arrived. When I stepped through the door my parents shouted, “Surprise Jade, you one!” I was weirded out on how they knew but then they explained “The principal told us on the phone, we are so happy for you!” I couldn’t stop smiling. It was like the sides of my mouth were glued up. Also, my cheeks were red and hot, I saw in the mirror.
I was speechless, surprised, and thankful. I quickly took off my shoes and headed towards my room walking past the kitchen and living room on the soft carpeting. Thinking to myself I thought “My parents really took it over the top by scaring me. I wish I had said something.” I started thinking about being first VP again. I must attend meetings, follow rules, and be responsible. Pure pressure was on me.
I started having second thoughts about this office thing. Will I have to do all of that? But I kept reminding myself, “I am smart. I am responsible. I am worthy. I am qualified. And most of all, I got chosen because I was all of those and I will be great.
Mom and I always put each other first, especially when we were on winter break. It was a normal day outside during this long winter it was cloudy, windy and rainy. The weather I don’t like for reasons you might understand easily. But one day, it was reasonably sunny, behind the dark clouds. So, me and my mom decided to make use of the day and go out. We hadn't really thought it through because all I was thinking was “Wow, today sure is a day better than others during this time. And I hadn't gone out in ages, so let’s go hiking.” that was the idea for the day. Sure, it was still morning, but occasionally the day’s weather turns out fine. My mom hadn't heard the idea I said out loud, so I went downstairs into the kitchen to find her cleaning, as always. I told her the plan and she agreed because I could tell she was becoming sick of staying inside. It is settled, we are going hiking.
“Jade, honey, bring water and the backpack”
“OK” I replied. I am usually a good listener and follow directions quickly.
The drive was very long and if I got to be honest, I was really bored. There was nothing to do but I something: counting cars. I don’t know what made it so mesmerizing, but it was probably the fact that there wasn’t anyone driving, walking, biking, and motorcycling. It had been freezing the last day so maybe peoples thought it would be like that today. After hours, we finally got to Mom’s favorite hiking spot. At the start we already saw loads of animals all over. I got curious because I had come here multiple times and it wasn’t this much at all. You could see bears, bunnies, wolves, especially birds, and squirrels.
It was crazy and I was scared at first. I always spot animals like those ones, but these ones were wild animals not in our neighborhood, these animals looked feisty and fierce. Of course, not the bunnies, birds, or squirrels, but the bears and wolves were the animals to look out for. The wolves had bright yellow eyes and their tails were long like a whip. Another animal was the bear with dark fur and eyes. Teeth were shone sharp as nails coming from the hungry mouth. The mammal always looked mad or overprotective throughout the walk, but we never went too close to get attacked.
When Mom was finally ready to start walking, that is when I spotted the first bear, we came across during the day. Another thing I noticed is that Mom and I were the only humans there. Once we started walking, all the animals back away. I realized that the reason why there are so many animals out in the open is that there are no people. But why are there no people.
It was getting chilly halfway into the walk until the trail would turn back down. Still no people in site and fewer animals than before the walk. Then I spotted a deer and ran after it, soon feeling shivers climbing up my throat and coming out of my mouth. Feeling like I forgot something, I ran up the trail still trying to chase that deer. The four-legged animal soon disappeared into the bushes and I realized “Did I forget something” while still walking up the hill. “I don’t think so. It might just be the cold air getting to me.” then I saw a mamma bear soothing a cub a thought to myself “Oh no, Mom! That is what I forgot!” I ran as fast as I could down the hill to find nothing there the last time I saw her.
I was lost. I would never find Mom or my way back to the car, even if I did find the car, how could I drive it. I would call Mom but there were to problems: no people and no internet. I was doomed on top of a hill. Home was hours away, and how would I survive in this dread of a place? I then and there fell asleep
I was freezing to death there sleeping on the path when a warm hand touched my face. I opened my eyes to see someone unexpected. It was Mom. I was still in the same place from when I fell asleep. Her eyes watery and nose red. I said “Was this all a dream?
“No Jade, you actually ran away and got lost, but I spent hours looking for you. Do you want to know what happened?”
“Okay, so I saw that deer and chased after it. You went off the trail and I thought you were going to come back moments later, but when you didn’t, I ran in there and didn’t go exactly where you went. You went to Golden Pathway and I went to Yellow River, two different paths. Then I got so worried when I couldn’t find you at the dead end. My heart jumped in worry. This place is huge. I could lose you easily. So, after I couldn’t find you, I went to the Golden Pathway and saw you sleeping here. Let’s go home now. Any questions?
“Yes, why aren't there any people here?” Boom, the strike of thunder triggered the clouds to rain. I think that is the answer. 
October 18

With my new ink and turkey quills I wanted to right more. Earlier today, Ramona got beaten because she accidentally spilled the drinking water on the floor. She got moved into a different room next door which meant that I had a room to myself. Ramona was a light sleeper so I couldn’t right at nighttime fearing she would awaken. Now I'm free to do whatever I need inside my room at night.
Right now, it is nighttime, and I have a light on so I could right and see. I saw Senor Johnston walking back and forth in front of my door. I wasn’t sure what he was doing or wondering. But I am glad that my light is very dim so he wouldn’t catch me writing. Even though he knows I have the diary, I am still supposed to be asleep until sunrise. Senor Johnston had nice clothing on that I had never seen him wear. I knew what he was doing because I was called “smart” for my age. I think he was going to ask Miguela to marry him. But why at night? And of all fine ladies out there, why would he choose Miguela.

October 19

Today I had to work in the kitchen because the cook got sick. I don’t know the disease, but I do know he won't be able to cook in a few weeks. I was told this morning. I didn’t know why they chose me to work in the kitchen because I don’t know how to cook, and I am not comfortable a round fire. I am usually writing in this diary, crumbling corn, or doing random things for my masters.
Before breakfast Senor Johnston rushed me to the kitchen. He said he would help me prepare food and teach me to use the fire. I thought I would burn myself like I did when my mother was sick, and I need to make her soup. Domingo was too little to help so I told him to stay with mother and sooth her. Still now I was afraid. I asked Senor Johnston to do it for me and he said sometimes when he is not busy. Besides riding cattle and forming the tallow, he is not that busy which made my job in the kitchen easier. For breakfast I prepared avocado with eggs. It was easy and didn’t require any cooking. I wish lunch is like that. For lunch I made turkey legs and soup on the side. Senor Johnston helped me with all of it. I am grateful that he is nice. For dinner he said I could take a break because in-between meals I had to do a lot. For dinner he set up tortilla rolls with avocado, scrambled eggs, and beans inside.
Now it is night and the servants are supposed to be asleep right now but before I shut me eyes, I saw Senor Johnston silent cheering. I heard earlier in the day that Miguela said yes to him after all her rejects. I was happy for him. Before he saw me because he was turning his head, I quickly hid my book went under the blanket and closed my eyes until morning.
The night sky is dark. The night sky is as dark as the black hole. It is so dark you can not see anything at all. Stars twinkle high in the sky. They look like tiny lamps twinkling. A comet drifts by that looks like tiny race cars that aliens are driving.
Sadly, sometimes there are clouds in the sky. I do not really like that because I cannot see the wonderful stars. I live right next to the ocean so I see the moon reflecting off the wavy ocean. Its my favorite part about the night sky.
I felt the butterflies in my tummy.I thought the world was on mute. The only thing I heard was my heart pounding out of my chest. My ripped paper was wet with my sweat on it from my hands. The results of the election were in. I thought to myself is my name on the list?
My name is Lily Flores. I never wanted to try out for student council. I thought it would be too much work. I hate being on stage in front of people. All my friends say I am smart, people could trust me, and that I am a good leader. They were the ones that pushed me into it.
The loudspeaker made a thump and humming sound as it came through the MPR. Mr Egan starts saying “ AND the 5th grade winner is......... Alexis Johnson!” The 5th graders hands clap loud like a drum in my ears. Once the clapping stopped, Mr. Egan spoke into the microphone again. He said “ The winner of the 4th grade class is........” My hands were clasped tightly with my friends. My head was down on my lap. And then I heard him say, “Lily Flores!”
I did it! I did it! I bounced up and down. Face was red and I almost started to cry. I wasn’t sad. I was soooooooo happy. My friends picked me up above their heads and I rode the wave of 34 kid’s hands holding me up carrying me out of the MPR. I learned that just because I was scared doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have given up before I started.
The warm sun feels like paradise. The blue ocean off the deck shines nicely. He goes outside to enjoy it. Its Sunday evening and its the best way to end the weekend. He pulls out a chair to take a seat. As he sits down in his chair, he notices a panel on the deck got loose.
My Dad walks to the garage to get his hammer and nail to fix the deck. He doesn’t want anyone to get hurt on the loose panel. The garage is his man cave. He has his dart board, gaming stuff, LA king’s posters, and his tools organized just the way he likes them.
That’s when I hear him yell. “LILY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS MY HAMMER?????”
I think about the last time I used it. I used it to put the fence up in the backyard to keep the dog in. I Ran down to the garage and said “I’m sorry! I’m Sorry! I forgot to put your hammer away when I was fixing the fence.” I left it outside on the ground next to the fence. My dad always says to always put things back where they go or don’t use them at all. I looked for the hammer where I used it last and there it was sitting on the ground next to the garage. I handed it back to my dad. He said “Now you have to help me fix the deck.”
Moral: Put back everything in its place.
Its another new day at the rancho. Today I am hiding in my room while Rosalina is making a new dress for Miguela. I have finished my chores quicker than the wind blew the dirt. I am writing with my new quill and ink Senor Johnson gave me yesterday. I never thought anyone could be that nice to me. He’s also pretty cute too.
I often wonder what he sees in Miguela. She treats him so rude like he is a bag of trash. He came back today to visit her but she told him to leave again. That’s when he came to me. He asked me a bunch of questions about what my life was like when I lived at the mission.
I told him about Padre Ygnacio and how he rescued me. I remembered how happy and blessed I was to have him find me and my brother. I was also sad remembering when I had to leave my mom when she died. I wanted a better life where I could be free but that could never happen. So I learned how to read and write so I can feel like Im free and can help myself someday. Senor Johnsons face was confussed at first but then his mouth opened wide like he was sad for me but then smiled at me and I knew he was proud of me, Maybe he’ll come back and talk with me more. It helps me remember my past more and makes me feel good about myself. No one here at the rancho cared to learn about me.
The night sky was dark. I, author, noticed that it was time to go to bed, but I wanted to look a star, sometimes there are weird shape cloud in the sky. The shooting stars twinkle high in the sky. I was trying to say my dream as fast as a spear. I said, “I want to get faster to run.” 3times, but the star was disappearing 4seconds ago. When I looked down, I saw the star was reflecting in rivers. When I saw reflecting, I saw a giant famous jungle called Spooky Jungle. It’s spooky because in that jungle, there is a big giant bear that is big and spooky. I got scared because I didn’t like scary things. I didn’t like it but, I didn’t saw it so, I asked my parents and I went to the jungle. It was quiet and dark I was so scared of the bear. Then, I heard the sound that when the animal is swooshing. I ran and went to home but, from other side I heard my friends were laughing at me. I asked them “What are you in here?” Then my friends said, “The spooky Bear was me!” I was so confused. After that, I didn’t got nervous at all. When he got to 20 years old, he took test of that he can get to be astronauts. On that test, he got 100%. He got to be astronauts. When he got to be astronauts, he noticed that shooting star is not really a star, it is a rock and a stuff that up in the space. Lastly, I thought when he didn’t saw a star or shooting star before I sleep, I am not astronauts right now.
On rainy day, I wake up on 5:30a.m. That’s because it was the performance of student council. The performance was starting at 1:30p.m., so I practiced for 7 hours! When I was going to school, I thought, “ I will not gonna get nervous because I practiced for 7 hours!” But I was so nervous because I am talking to the teachers, parents, and students. I felt dissapointed. On 1:30, the performance started. It was started with my friend, Jason. I waited to hear election results. Next, the loudspeaker said, “ The next people is Ethan (me)!” I was nervous. I saw my mom she was taking photo of me. I started speaking. I felt I did everything good, because I speaked loud, not moving, and keeping on eye contact. After the performance, my mom showed my a picture. It was the best performance ever for me!
Dad and I always help each other. Sometimes, I help dad in the kitchen. First, I help the dishes clean. Next, I help to make the food when my mom was going to hospital, or don’t feel good. Other times, dad helps me work on my bicycle, and helping my homework. When I was 5 years old, my dad helped me how to ride bicycles. I was practicing all day. On 8 years old, I got really good at riding bicycles. On help finishing homework is when I was stuck on math, reading, and writing, my dad helps me. This is what do we help each other.
My Diary
Tonight, it is quiet. All I can hear are the coyotes howling, and the wind blowing. It is all little chilly, and my feet are cold.
Senor Johnston was excited when he see in my diary. He was surprised that I can read and write. After chores of milking goats, grinn the corn, helping inside the house, and in the garden.
Senor Johnston asked. “ Rosalia, I cannot believe your writing. How did you learn such skills?” I explained how I learn Padre Ygnacio and I begged Senor Johnston to not tell anyone.
Senor Johnston said he would keep the secret. He gave me a bottle of ink, a nice brass point, and two turkey quills. I am very happy and excited to write more in my diary.
An inky black seems to float above the Earth at a very late hour. Small beacons of light float, separate from anything, on a desolate sea of black. On occasions, you can see white tufts of clouds, although seldomly at night. As you gaze in rivers or lakes, some stars reflect in the pools, as beautiful as they are in the sky. I adore looking at the dazzle of such beauty on nights. That is what the night sky is to me.
As I walked down the hall of Mira Catalina, people waved and smiled unsurely at me. I felt nervousness push over me. I tried to stop it, but I just couldn’t. What if I wasn’t selected? No, that’s crazy, if no one voted for me, then why would everyone be smiling at me and giving me a thumbs up? Was it because they felt bad for me? No way, that couldn’t be!
At dinner, I didn’t eat much. When my Mom asked why, I just said, “I'm fine, just not too hungry tonight.” Well, that isn’t a total lie. I really wasn’t hungry, especially not for broccoli and cabbage stuffed peppers. I gaze at the moon from my bed. How I wish I could just go forward in time and know what the results were. When I finally fell asleep, I dreamt that I was elected for the President of our schools Student Council. I awoke to my German Shepard, Mitsy, licking my face.
My Mom was fixing eggs, sausage, toast, and bacon for a build your own breakfast bar, my favorite. I wished and hoped the weekend would pass quickly. But, as always, this weekend was especially long instead. When Monday finally rolled around, I went to school as fast as I could. I worked through all my papers like my life depended on it. I waited for recess. Then lunch, and finally, just before the last bell, the principal announced that the results of the election were posted outside the office. After the bell rang, I raced as fast as I could go without running, straight to the office. I scanned down the large sheet of cardboard, searching desperately for my name. At the very bottom, right after the word President. O-em –goodness!! I was the President of our Student Council! Everyone shook my hand and congratulated me. Now I know what it’s like to run for President! My first act as President will be making the healthy nutritious salad bar with a candy bar.......
Daughter's Point of View:
“Dad!” I shouted with immeasurable volume. “Where do we keep the nails?” I wanted nails for a gate I was building. When he answered, my first reaction was anger. Then confusion. He had said that I wasn’t mature enough to use them responsibly! How outrageous! I'm plenty responsible! I guess I can see why he might not want to hand a ten year old a package of nails and a fifty dollar hammer. Especially after what happened earlier today. I was preparing myself some breakfast when the worst happened. The eggs were cooking at a moderate pace as I popped some bread into the toaster. I put it on 375 degrees and went to get some water. I noticed that I had spilled some, and put down a towel. I went to check on the eggs and as soon as my hand reached the pan, I felt my foot slide on top of something slippery, as if the floor was a liquid. Sudden realization hit me. I must have put the towel in the wrong spot, leaving a pile of water by the stove! I tried to anchor myself with the pan, forgetting that it wasn’t connected to anything, and would just fall with me. So I ended up on the floor, half covered in eggs, and just starting to smell burning toast. Dad came in and yelled at me for not properly cleaning up. “What were you thinking!?” he shouted at me, a little too loud in my opinion. How was I supposed to know? What does that have to do with responsibility? That was just an unfortunate situation. Why does anything I do always have to be irresponsible and have bad judgment? When I do things, I do them well and independently. Does he want me to come shouting for help at every little thing? When I do ask for help he shouts for me to just do it myself, and when I don’t, he screams that I should have asked him for help! I can’t live like this! It’s always “Can’t you see I’m busy!” or “Why didn’t you ask me for help?!!!” Ellerbrook do this, no actually don’t do that! When will it stop? When I do nothing I'm in trouble, when do something I’m in trouble for not doing it right or well enough. What a grouch. He yells at me day and night. Half the time I don’t even know what I did wrong. I had to clean water and eggs and throw out some burnt toast. Then, I had to make myself breakfast again, except oh right, I’m not responsible enough to do that. Well, he shouldn’t hold that against me. I should be able to use the nails.

Dad's Point of View:
I can’t believe my daughter would ask me for nails! After what happened this morning, who knows what kind of damage she could do? She ruined our breakfast with just a cup of water. She wants to build a gate to keep the rabbits and coyotes out of her garden. I don't know how she thinks she's going to get this done but I know it's not going to work. what kind of wood is she using anyways if it's the wrong kind it's not going to keep out coyotes. plus coyotes can jump over fences that are like 8 feet high she'd have to have a lot of wood for that. what does she think she's doing? she's not responsible enough. I know she thinks she's super responsible but she's not quite there. I trust her with little thing but not big things. as soon as she proves to me she is responsible enough I'll let her do things like that. for now we can't have a gate on the garden is just not right. we also don't have the adequate space. She thinks everything’s a game. Well she's not getting that gate no matter what I am holding my ground this time. she needs to learn to be responsible and that she won’t get everything she wants. She's only 10 I don't want her to get hurt. I would feel just awful if she stabbed herself with a nail or hit herself with a hammer on accident. I'd feel like it was all my fault and I'd just be so sad. she doesn't understand that I just want to keep her safe. well it's not like teenagers well almost teenagers understand things like that all the time. I just don't want her to get hurt. when she understands that she'll know. I think I may have to get used to telling her no...
The sky is such a shade of blue, that it looks almost as though someone painted it on a canvas. Beautiful saplings cover the vast land, with small flowers starting to sprout presenting soft colors that are so rich and deep, that they are almost a dream. Many types of fruit or vegetable plants grow in the space unoccupied by trees. Fresh smells are filling the air. Such beauty should manifest itself in a celebration.
I know that the harvest will begin soon, for I can tell that all the wheat is ready for threshing, the juicy fruits ready for picking, and the medicine plants ready to be collected. I hope that we can collect enough water from the well and stream for all our needs. Although this time is exiting, I cannot get my mind of something that recently happened. One of the suiters came and discovered that I1 can write in this diary. I was forced to tell him my whole story and confess to having Miguela’s old diary she disregarded out the window. I could have been punished for not returning it or for keeping secrets, but instead of doing that he gave me ink and quills to write with.
I am not to be caught writing in this journal, but I cannot help myself. I must write in this, for I cannot confess to anyone else my secrets, but I can to this book. Although I should not be dawdling with my chores, I feel as though it is my duty to converse with myself in this diary. I must leave now, as the vegetation needs to be cared for. Otherwise we will have withered plants for meals and almost no income.
The night is dark like a monster's soul. The stars twinkle high in the sky like lights. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky like pillows. The stars are reflected in rivers and lakes like the sky to the ocean.
I was nervous my hands were sweaty, heart pounding.
Shaking nervously I wait to hear the election results.
The loudspeaker came on I knew good news was coming up.
I was excited my heart was pounding like a drum when I heard the principal say my name.
My brother and I were helping my dad in the kitchen with the dinner. While Alex is helping dad set up the table I go to wash up for diner. Suddenly dad says you guys have helped me so much on the dinner. We can go to Disneyland on Saturday if you want. He said yes. We half two work on your sisters' bike when we come back because it has a flat. Let's go tell her the great news dad. You go tell her I'm going to work on the reservations at the Disneyland hotel so we can spend the night on the weekend. After diner Alex and I go wash up then pack our bags while dad is finishing the dishes. The next day we put our bags in the car and hop in. First, we go and get breakfast on the way. We could have had breakfast at Disneyland, but we wanted to hit the rides right when we got there.
The first ride we went on was the new guardians of the Galaxy mission breakout ride it’s like the tower of terror ride but with a screen in front of it with clips of the movie, and it’s really fast and goes up and down not like a yoyo in the tower of terror. Next, we went on the Symphony you know the one that has swings and goes up and down and swings us really fast around and around and it’s really big. Then, we left California adventure and went to the Disneyland park. The first ride we went on in the Disneyland park was the Matterhorn bobsled ride. It’s the big mountain with snow on it and you get in bobsleds and every once in a while when you're riding the ride the abominable snowman pops out and gives you a fright. Then, it got darker and darker so we went to the hotel.
When we woke up we had breakfast at Goofy's kitchen. Then we went on to California adventure when we were in California Adventure we went on Goofy's Sky school it's basically when you go into a little cart that can fit four people in and you go up and it's really fast and has crazy turns it feels like you're hanging off the edge of the track then there is a slightly big drop and then it goes up and down and up and down and then there's a little drop then you go up and down more and then it's the end of the right so it's like a short ride. Then we wanted to go on the grizzly Rapids there was a really long line so we had to wait outside for a little while we were waiting when with lost my brother Alex we couldn’t find him anywhere and then there was a lot of people it was really hard to see so we went to one of the security guards and she helped us find Alex. after we went on the grizzley Rapids we went back to the hotel to change into our bathing suits and the rest of the day we spent at the pool.
I think Maria will write about how much faster she can write because Senor Johnson gave her the new ink and quills, and how much easier she can write now. I think Maria will also write about what she is going to do today like, go in the courtyard or the corn fields, and what she might give Senor Johnson as a thank you gift. She will make him tortillas, or beans. Maria might also write about watering the herbs, beans, squash, pumpkins, melons, onions, and hot chile's that are in the garden next to the kichen door.
She will pick late maturing pears from Senor Medina’s cherished fruit trees. Or will she write about milking the goats. Maybe she will write how good her house is because of her roommate's art she makes out of the leftover pieces of clothing. Maria also might be talking about making tortillas. Or she will write about who gets to sit on the chair today and who must sit on the overturned wooden bucket.
One day I woke up on a Sunday morning sat down and ate breakfast like I always did. But when I sat down, I was on my iPad and I was looking at dogs because I really wanted a dog. But all of a sudden my dad and mom come over to me and they show me a picture of a dog and at the time I was only 4 and so instead of saying can I please get that dog I said I want that dog tomorrow. But when I said that I thought to myself that they just said ok because they didn't want me to get mad cause I have asked before.
The next morning, I woke up everything was normal I ate breakfast, got dressed, and went to school. After school was over, I went to a after school thing because our parents had work but an hour later my dad came to pick me and my sister Katie up. When he signed us out, he said “are you ready to go get the dog”. Right when he said that I got so excited and I was asking so many questions on the way there.
But finally, we got there the house was a big house with green grass and you could hear dogs barking. When we knocked on the door a nice lady answered and her and my dad were talking. When we got home, I was so excited to play with my new dog and my dad asked what I wanted to name him and I loved kangaroos at the time like a lot and since baby kangaroos are called joeys I decided to name my new dog joey. To this day we still have joey but know he is 6 years old and we have another dog named CJ and he's 3 years old.
It was election day, the sun was out the clouds were gone I could hear the birds chirping and I could hear the sprinklers on the grass. I was sweating with worry because I was running for class president and today is election day.
My name is Megan and I am in 4th grade. I finally had the big nerve to run for the sweet office of president. I had so many great ideas for my speech to get all the kids to hopefully vote for me. I sat on the hard chair watching the loud clock ticking towards 3pm when the election results would be announced.
Finally, to my surprise the noisy yet unclear loudspeaker turned on. When I heard the high-pitched principle's voice, he announced the winners and when he called my name, I got so excited I felt like I just won a million dollars. I felt so shocked and delighted that I won, today was the best day ever.
It was a hot summer day; I was just finishing my melted popsicle and as I looked up towards the sky, I felt like I could see forever. There were no clouds. I was laying down outside my house on the dark green grass when all a sudden, like a bullet from the sky, I saw a hawk with a goffer in its mouth. I didn't know what to do but what I did know is that I had to save the goffer!
I hopped on my black scooter and started chasing after the hawk. He wasn't letting go of the goffer as he flew farther and farther away. so, to save the goffer I decided to throw a rock at the hawk. it worked, but the hawk let go of the goffer and it started to fall. I jumped off my scooter and had to leap into the air to catch the goffer. lucky I caught the soft and cute goffer and thank goodness he was not hurt, and I brought him back to where his hole was located.
After, I put the goffer back, I went inside to tell my parents,
about that one crazy day.
Once there was a girl who loved to write in her diary but one day someone discovered it.
Hi, my name is Rosalia and I'm an orphan. I work at a farm but during my spare time I love to write in my diary. Today, I decided to sit down near the farm and relax while writing. Later, I finished writing and set down my diary and deiced to go for a walk. When I got back, I saw Johnston reading it! But then Johnston said to me that I'm a good writer!
I think that tomorrow Johnston will help me with my writing because after all he seemed to like it, and it felt encouraging.
The beautiful night sky is so dark and has bright dazzling stars. The clouds are starting to fade away into the night sky next to the moon.
The stars and the moon reflect on the river as if it was the sky. Out of nowhere you here a rooster screams and the birds start to tweet and then comes the sun.
It's always good to help people anyone like your family, the community, and the environment. That’s why schools like to deliver food banks it's also nice to look around for a goodwill a school assembly to donate to. It's especially good to help your family because they're the ones who really care for you so it's nice to do something for them like to help with simple things like doing chores, helping out with the groceries, and helping them out with work. Also, most of the time you might get rewarded with a gift card a new video game and many more.

One day I was all done with my homework I pulled up the hood from my head and told my dad shouting across the house with no anger “I finished!!’’ I stepped out of my room went downstairs to find that my dad was painting the outside of the house as my mom was gardening. My dad said, “Jay you're finished with homework I replied by saying “yes”, I looked at him with sweat rushing down his face as if it was rapidly raining down his face. I remembered the time I was playing a video game and I was at a part that needed two players but it's hard to do it by yourself I tried over and over as I kept losing dad saw me staying there on the exact same level for 30 minuets so he took interest into helping me, and we beat it. So here in the feature I thought back to that time I should help him even if he didn’t ask. So, I said “hey dad you need help” he said, “I would love that”. “he told me to just go up and down and barley go sideways”. I went up and got my painting coloring apron because this was my first time painting a house. It worked as we both painted the same side put different halves, it went on like this for about 30 minuets. Then next I helped mom water our pretty flowers in the garden.
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Later in the day at 5:00 I got out my bike and went for a ride right when I turned a curve, the tire was flat. I had to walk it back home only to find out that I couldn't ride it until tomorrow because our pump was broken. So, I went inside not in the best mood I played fetch with my dog Dexter seeing his white hairs bounce up and down for every throw we played for 20 minuets with the same process as if we were a broken record. I went inside and thought to myself, it's been a pretty good day so fare why don’t I cook the noodles for dinner I asked, and I did as I thought. After dinner my dad said “stay I have a surprise for you jay you see as you left, I went to online and guess what, were going to comic con! I jumped up with glee as if I jumped out of bed on Christmas morning.
Simon worked on a farm and did all the chores like milk the cows and dealt with all the other animals for his Mom. Which kept Simon very busy throughout the day but one day some scientists discovered a dead animal. They studied the big discovery for days and they decided to name it. One scientist said “maybe we should name it little Bob” but the other stopped him in his tracks and has already decided that it should be Bob (a Goat). They agreed but somehow someone snuck in the room and overheard this conversation and recorded it. His name is Gorge. He just happened to be Simons friend and he went to Simons house and said “Do you think we should watch it” “Yeah” he replied. Soon the the news spread.
Simon left with Gorge after telling their parents. In the video Gorge recorded Simon remembered the scientists found Bob in the mountains but before they got far Simons friend from school Bob told them “you need water and food, I was going to the same place but can I come with you”? “yes”, Gorge said. Simon said what's that Bob its food for everyone on the trip. So, they headed off at the mountains halfway there they stopped for water and ate their burgers. When they made to the top took another break “Who knew this could be so tiring” bob said “As long as I have food and water im’a mountain climbing machine” Simon said while looking around and called everyone.
I found a Bob wait what this it's like a cow well Im’a be the first to milk it do it do it do it do it they were shouting while he was doing it. A few days later it was on the newspaper and their families were the first to try the milk.

Today while milking the goats I was thought about how much I appreciate Señor Johnston for giving me ink and two turkey quills. Today when I was writing (As usual) I noticed how the ink flows onto the pages faster unlike beet juice. Since I have two feathers, I gave one to Domingo he really likes the one I gave him like I like mine. But now I realize I still must do something which is telling the Medinas I know how to read and write.
Miguela saw me again with her discarded dairy in my hands and she asked me “Why haven't you used it yet for fire kindling”. I couldn’t think of anything to reply to that, so I decided to change the subject to did you wash your hair it looks nice. And I'm glad she went along with it by taking it as a complement. It was almost dark, and I was almost done with my chores for the day.
While in servants quarters on the woven straw pallets ready for bed. I thought about how happy I am after what happened yesterday. My brother Domingo is glad that señor Johnston gave me the ink and quills if not he wouldn't have his feather. I think today went great except when Miguela saw me, but I wonder what she is thinking.