Dear Room 5 Families,

The second half of the week has been uploaded onto the website.
A few adjustments moving forward that we hope help in your school closure journeys:

First, Jenna Bucklew and I are trying our best to upload the lesson plans PRIOR to Sunday at 9pm for the entire week moving forward. We hope this helps you plan and adjust accordingly.
Next, we are finding that students are having difficulty accessing worksheets under the McGraw Hill Portal, so moving forward we will just be uploading them directly onto our websites now. If you prefer, your child can just do these grammar and spelling exercises directly in their composition notebooks (that may be most eco-friendly and efficient).
Also, I am trying to incorporate more interactions from teacher to student. For example, you will see that in Thursday and Friday’s lesson plans I ask that students send me an email (one is mandatory, one is optional).
Finally, I will try to upload a mid-week video every week (Wednesday afternoon) saying “hello”, checking in, and maybe giving a strategy or tip for the week.
I hope all of this is helpful to you on your school closure journey. I know it has challenging, but we will get through this together.  I am here for you in any capacity possible.

Michele Lowe