Good morning Room 5 Families,
Here is an overview (day by day) of what we do in class and the assignments for Monday-Wednesday for this week. The remainder of this week’s assignments will be posted on Thursday.

At the END of the week, once the concepts are fully delivered and reviewed, please then separate their paper work into two piles- one showing they do understand the concepts, and the other showing they are struggling/have a minimal grasp on concepts. Although there is no way to re-teach all concepts from the two weeks missed, I will be sure to spend a day or two reviewing and going over what was learned at home.

A few things to note that I believe in and try to implement to the best of my abilities during the school day: I would encourage students go outside and PLAY! That they get lots of “stretch breaks” and “brain breaks” throughout the day. I let students watch Brainpop videos, videos from national geographic kids, or appropriate, kid friendly, subject related YouTube videos. Also, I would encourage a LOT of hands on work: I will articulate this further in the daily plans.

If the students have an older sibling, or a peer they can work with remotely (Office 365 being the approved mode of district communication), I would encourage they work together. There was a child psychologist named Vygotsky who proposed a theory on “zone of proximal development.” This theory essentially states that kids LEARN best when working with a peer who is able to challenge them just slightly and vice versa (that by assisting peers and using teamwork kids are forced to exercising new muscles in the brain). So if your child conversely has a younger sibling and helps decode words, complete an assignment on addition, or complete a phonics lesson, this will deepen their current understanding of the material. This is why we often use “teamwork” and “partners” in class. Unless stated otherwise in the lesson plans, students can work with others.

Although the school closure finds us under unfortunate circumstances, this is a historical opportunity when you think about it. The kids have a community of people that will rally around them to deliver the best possible educational experiences. Let’s work together! If you, of course, ever have any questions, please email me, .
Michele Lowe