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Brain Break Activities/Resources

Here are some activities I would recommend to give students a proper "brain break"
  • Do not have students stationary for too long. Encourage them to get up, walk around the house, or down the street, get some water, or stretch. 
  • Take every 30-50 minutes to move locations- maybe it's from the kitchen counter to the living room, then continue working 
  • Give "doodle time" for one minute on the whiteboards 
  • Let students watch a brief educational video related to what they are learning. I have included links below to some of the most used websites in class. (For example, if their essential question is about flight, I would allow them to watch brief video related to planes or other flying machines. If we are working on fractions, I would pull up a Brainpop video on fractions.) 
These need to be customized according to student need and stamina; however, the purpose is a quick reset and to relate the material to engaging real-world content. "Brain Breaks" should be not much longer than five minutes, no less than one. Longer breaks are included during the recess times.