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Welcome to third grade! 
Greetings and welcome to Miss Bucklew's third grade class website! I am looking forward to being a part of your child's life for the 2019-2020 school year. Here you will find helpful information and links to assist you throughout the school year. 
Important dates for the school year year can be found under the district calendar. Other helpful information will be on the right hand side menu. Please subscribe to this page under "classes" below to get all the updates. 
This year is going to be "Terrific!" 


Recent Posts

Amazing Resources!

Dear Families, 
If you have not gotten the chance already, please see the tips and resources I left under "Brain Breaks Activities/Resources." 
Additionally, I have been researching some great educational websites. Here are a couple cute ones I have used in the past, or discovered lately: 
Finally, and possibly most importantly: the kids can get Scholastic News at home FOR FREE for the remainder of the year online. 
Try copying and pasting this web address into your browser. I WILL BE EMAILING OUR PASSWORD- so be on the lookout!
This is an amazing resource. Please explore, and we may be using this a bit when we get back from Spring Break. Students can read (or have some texts read to them), annotate texts, answer questions, and complete activities. 
I am so excited to have discovered this, and I hope you are too! 
Jenna Bucklew 

Thursday, March 26- Read Aloud and Math Let's Practice Review/Check in

Hi Room 1! I miss you all! Here is a chance to listen to me do a read aloud. I also go over Let's Practice word problems and picture strategies. I review a few ways to mentally add or subtract money. All the best! Feel free to email me at any time. Sincerely, Miss Bucklew
Great day today catching up and reviewing with each other!
 Awesome day reviewing with some  mathematicians!  We also did a draw along of a St. Patrick’s Day themed bunny.  I would love to see all of you on Microsoft teams, or Zoom in the near future. We will try using the conferencing tool zoom on Monday. I will send out instructions on how to use later this weekend. Zoom and Teams are both apps that can be found under the student’s portal (portal.pvpusd.net). 

Adjustments (sent in email)

Dear Families of Room 1,

The second half of the week has been uploaded onto the website.

A few adjustments moving forward that we hope help in your school closure journeys:

First, Michele Lowe and I are trying our best to upload the lesson plans PRIOR to Sunday at 9pm for the entire week moving forward. We hope this helps you plan and adjust accordingly. Next, we are finding that students are having difficulty accessing worksheets under the McGraw Hill Portal, so moving forward we will just be uploading them directly onto our websites now. If you prefer, your child can just do these grammar and spelling exercises directly in their composition notebooks (that may be most eco-friendly and efficient). Also, I am trying to incorporate more interactions from teacher to student. For example, you will see that in Thursday and Friday’s lesson plans I ask that students send me an email (a couple are mandatory, one is optional). Finally, I will try to upload a mid-week video every week (Wednesday afternoon) saying “hello”, checking in, and maybe giving a strategy or tip for the week. I was also thinking of starting to do a read aloud daily, so stay tuned.

I hope all of this is helpful to you on your school closure journey. I know it has been very difficult, but I am here for you in any capacity possible.


Jenna Bucklew

Greetings! Mid-week Video Update

Hi Room 1! I miss you! Here is a brief mid-week update. I will try to weekly update the site with a video update. Included in this week's video: I give a tip for how to make models of fractions (and use these models to compare fractions) at home! Stay healthy! I hope I get to hear from all of you during these school closures. Love, Miss Bucklew

PE activity Tracker

Dear Families, 
Please fill out this activity tracker for our PE teacher Mrs. Winbaur. If you have any questions, she has included her email. 
Jenna Bucklew 

Week 1 of School Closure: Monday through Wednesday

Dear Families, 
Please open this file to find what you need for Monday through Wednesday. Feel free to complete it at your pacing; however, I would recommend trying to stay on track (so as not to fall behind). It may seem overwhelming; however, I anticipate you will find that some of these activities are completed much faster one-on-one. I recommend printing out one day at a time and working through it. 
Any additional materials can be found under the sidebar on this website titled "Resources for School Closure." 
Please let me know if there are any further questions. I will be available from 8:30-2 with a relatively prompt response time. 
Jenna Bucklew 

A clarification to the last post

Dear Families,
To clarify: the district approved mode of communication is all apps within Office 365 or their portals, which can be accessed through portal.pvpusd.net. For the protection and safety of the students, we cannot share any identifying information. However, like I said, students can email me from office 365 with questions, clarifications, or life updates. 
Apps like FaceTime, texting, or other means of social contact/group organization are considered outside of district approval and would have to be organized independently/separate from the realm of PVPUSD.
I have updated this information in the "Weekly Schedule" file posted earlier today. Let me know if you have any questions on these policies and have a great Friday! 
Jenna Bucklew 

School Closures

Dear Families of Room 1,

Greetings! I hope this finds you well and in good health. This message is the same as the one sent to your emails last night. Please read if you have not done so already. 

As most of you may have already heard: school is being cancelled until April 6th. I am glad that the safety and the health of the students and families is a top priority!

It is still crucial that during this time, we afford our students with the best possible education and enriching experiences under these circumstances.

I would encourage all families to go and pick up materials from the classroom TODAY from 10am-12pm. The students will need the following materials: the two orange literature textbooks (found under the counter- kids will know where they are), the math textbook, the math workbook, the writer’s notebooks, the composition notebooks, and their school supplies (pencil, pen, glue stick, eraser, scissors, markers, colored pencils, dry erase whiteboard and marker). Students can check out a chrome book from Room 2 if they do not have a device at home. The chrome books/personal devices are crucial seeing as they will serve as my main form of communication and assignment posting through Edlio. Students also need access to their portals (portal.pvpusd.net). 

Edlio is where I will daily post work that students are to complete in order to keep up with the normal third grade progression. The portal is where students will often find their assignments, especially for our ELA component.

As much as possible we will try to follow the normal routine of a school day. If there are any questions or need for clarification on lessons or assignments I will be available via email from 8:30-2:00. 

Today is when I will start my postings. It will be later in the morning after students have picked up aforementioned materials. I will soon post a sample schedule (a week to week snapshot) and an optional activity or two for tomorrow. Getting settled into this new routine is a top priority! 

I know you, as the parents, will take on a new level of responsibility ensuring that the material is understood, delivered, and explained by an adult. I deeply appreciate it. 

Please continue to have conversations with your child about how special they are. Let them know I care for each one of them and think they are so important! I know I will miss the students, but I’m so looking forward to seeing them on April 6th. 

Stay healthy! Please feel free to email me at any time. 


Jenna Bucklew

Room 1's Second Marble Party and Holiday Festivities

Dear Families of Room 1, 
Time flies! I find it hard to believe that we are a third of the way through the year. It has been such a delight to learn, grow, and have fun with the scholars of Room 1. 
Our second marble party is tomorrow (ice cream party) at 2:30. We will be eating ice cream, so please send a snack substitution/contact me with a request if any dietary restriction(s) exist. Thank you in advance to all the families who donated!
This Thursday, we will be having a Polar Express party with all the other third graders. Third graders are bringing a ticket in their backpacks home tomorrow. Your child will keep his/her ticket, return to school with it on Thursday, and get it punched by a conductor. Please be sure to send children to school in pajamas that day, but they need to wear comfortable running shoes for the outdoor activities. 
Finally, thank you again so much to each and every family for your support of our classroom community. From volunteers, to prize box donations, to book fair donations, we all are very appreciative of what you contribute and share with us.
Thank you for championing these children: they are so loved! 
Jenna Bucklew

Room 1's First Marble Party

Dear Families of Room 1, 
Room 1 has earned their first marble party. We brainstormed ideas together, voted on our favorite choice, AND the winner is...spooky gingerbread houses. I have created a sign up genius for volunteers to bring in supplies. These sign-ups are always optional. However, I need sign ups by Wednesday, so I can provide the rest of the supplies for the day of the party (Friday, October 18). If your child has allergies or food restrictions then please send substitutes or coordinate with me to ensure that they can participate/have a small snack at the end.
I will take pictures of the gingerbread houses and post these on the website at a later date. 
Additionally, the students are bringing home a Ziploc bag today with instructions regarding a P.T.A led art project. We started today in class (MARKER only- no pencil). Please read the directions carefully, and return student's art to school by Wednesday, October 15th. 
Happy October families of Room 1! 
Jenna Bucklew