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How can I prepare my student writer for the on -demand rigors of grades 3-5 writing?

By Mr. Perkins-

Welcome to another exciting school year 2017-2018! The Miracatalina teaching staff prepares for a new school year by mapping out the curriculum and targeting specific areas. But how can parents guide their students to success? The first step is to be aware that there is a strong reading and writing connection. The State of California states that its annual CAASP exams have a specific target:

The CAASPP exam is designed to give information to teachers, students, and their families about what students know and are able to do and whether they are on track to be ready for success in college or career when they graduate from high school.

The goal is to develop students into proficient critical thinkers, who will be ready to attain college success upon the completion of grade 12. But my student is in 3rd,4th or 5th grade? Good news, their preparation has already started!

3 ways to help your student writer "get a head start" on the school year!

1-Have students write about what they are an expert on- example – soccer, ballet, science, etc. Each topic is really 10 topics!

Example- Soccer-

I can write-: how to play soccer, about a game I played, my favorite team, my favorite player, a poem, a song, the World Cup, the list is endless.

2- Use the 5 W's- Students will have to pull many details from their readings in every subject, have them get in the habit of reading , then answering the 5W's- Who? What? Where? Why? When? and sometimes How? This will help them as the various school subjects will ask them to read and response with specific details.

3- Remind students that every piece of writing has to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Too many students get caught up in the moment and don't plan their writing. The strong writer brainstorms or prewrites and then has a GPS for their piece. They know what their conclusion will be before they've started writing, because they mapped it out.

Writing practice equals writing success.! The more you help your student gain comfort and confidence in their writing skills, the better they will be prepared for the on- demand writing that is an inevitable part of school assessments.

Richard Perkins
Title 1 Teacher