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Title 1


Title 1- Mr. Perkins Reading/Writing Hints to help start the year!

Welcome to a new school year! Mira Catalina’s students and staff have a passion for learning. Back to school presents great opportunities to share. Students are always asked to provide details and evidence, while making connections to their readings. Here are few hints to get the year started!

  • Read with your student! Ask them to read like a writer. When we do this, we discuss the author’s choices and point out the great techniques that they used. Examples might include- word choice, use of quotes, idioms, etc.
  • Read many different authors and genres. Students will be asked to write in several genres by their teachers and the State of California, prepare for that by reading – informational books, magazines, reading reviews of books/movies/games, comparing a book or a character to another book/character. The more exposure your student has to different types of writing, the more familiar and comfortable it will be for them.
  • Quick and easy writing that develops students into writers. One of the skills that will help your student in class and on exams is being able to pull “key” vocabulary. I always spend a good amount of time in the classroom discussing- using the appropriate words in the appropriate situation. Read a newspaper article or web piece (timeforkids.com has free articles!) and ask your student to “pull” 5 important words. If you do it along with them, you can discuss why each of you made your choices. Have them write a quick summary of the article using the 5 words. By doing this you’re practicing an important skill- finding evidence and supporting with details!

Reading and writing practice equals writing success.! The more you help your student gain comfort and confidence in their writing skills, the better they will be prepared for the on- demand writing that is an inevitable part of school assessments. Have a great beginning of the year. I look forward to working with all your students!

Richard Perkins

Title 1 Teacher