Staying Sane :)

Hello Reading Club Families!
I hope you all are well!  While this is a time that can be quite stressful with our current situation, it is not often that we get to have extra time with our kiddos.  I know I will certainly be taking advantage of this time with my son! I have been researching many ideas of how to keep me and my family busy and engaged with art projects, nature scavenger hunts, and food crafts to break up the monotony (thank heavens for Pinterest!). 
Setting a schedule will also help you and your kiddo to stay sane.  Children like structure and routine.  I always seem to notice that when my Reading Club students (or even my own son) has a substitute teacher that day, they seem to be a little more "wired" just because their routine was different.  Something that I am going to do as a parent is to try to keep my son's school work schedule similar to his actual school schedule to continue his normal routine.  
I will be posting activities/questions on my Edlio page that you can do with the books I sent home.  Check my other post about Summer Reading/Writing Activities that you can easily use now.  Also, I am happy to post any ideas that I find to help you keep your sanity over the next couple of weeks!  Check back for updates!  
Please contact me if you have any questions!
Mrs. Ward