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Welcome to Room13




email message: thank you & frequent questions 3/16

Hello Everyone,

Well we made it through the first day. I appreciate all your patience and effort into helping your child get set up for the weeks’ assignments. Through the feedback today some were able to maneuver easier through the sites than others. So, if you come to something that you can’t find, don’t worry as you and your child familiarize yourselves with the site it should get easier.

Here are some of the answers to the questions I got today that others may also want to know:

* I wanted to let you know the work can be done at your pace. Please do worry if you can’t complete it all, each household is different  as each child works differently; what should take ten minutes at school can drag into 30min at home ( I get it my 8th grader is still working on today assignments) And children work differently with their parents than with me.  So, it is not worth the fight. Let them go on to their portal, they are very familiar with it and everything they push is a learning tool. The days outline is just a guide should you need it.

*All worksheets done can be brought to me when we return. There is no need to email or take pictures. I can see when work is done on reflex,  iready  and wonders (McGraw hill).

*Tonight, I will post the spelling and grammar pages since some couldn’t access them. I will also post journal /story paper if you want to use that ,but any lined paper you have is fine. I will also add an optional shamrock color page and word search just for fun. So when you check the edlio site scroll down to see prior posts. I had already attached the math & practice pages if you had not picked them up at school.

*All  reading texts can be accessed through the mcgraw hill sight, wonders tab  book with squirrel 


Wonders Grade 1


Then the To Do tab   

Then you can see the  list  text and assignments




Big Reader

, Due,06/04


little Reader

, Due,06/04


Sm Reader story unit 4 wk5

, Due,04/15


Grammar Unit 4 Week 5

, Due,04/08


Practice Page Unit 4 week 5

, Due,04/08



, Due,04/08




























You can also see the stories on the read button as well.


Choice 3 and 4 are small reader


  • Lastly Mystery Science is an app on their portal, or you can get to it through edlio class page.




I hope that helps.

Thank you all again have a great week!

Regina Adams

March 16 -March 18 assignments

Hi Room 13
I hope this message find you all well. I wanted to go through the weeks assignments with you. You can work on them at any pace but  for those that want to run their day as we would in school this is what I had planned. 
During reading groups we would introduce the Essential Question for the week, vocab words and Spelling rule all found in the Reading/Writing Workshop text (we call the small reader in class) starting on page 92. Then we read the story in that book From Puppy to Guide Dog pg 98.
They would do Your Turn  Practice  Workbook page 199-200 
They would do Iready Reading for 15-20 
They would write in journal about there weekend 2 paragraph and draw and color a picture to match. 
Give the spelling pre test pg 96
Do  spelling sheet 97, 98 
During Math 
We had just started Chapter 10
We were on lesson 2 page 13 in hard cover text. We would have gone over pages 13-14 as a group. 
Then 15 min of Reflex math, you goal at home now is to play till they get a green light.
Science: Mystery Science lesson Why are Polar Bears White 
you can hit the mystery science tab on our class page, then go to the 1st grade section. 
In Reading  read the story in the Literature Anthology ( Big Reader) Read Koko and Penni page 130. 
Practice page 201 and 202. on page 202 use the Koko and Penni story to fill in the chart. 
Iready reading for 20 min
Writing : Write a story about what you would do if you woke up and had the powers of a Leprechaun. Tell me about your day. Use sequence words we have been using like first, next, then and lastly. Be sure your story has a beginning middle and end. Add a beautiful detailed picture. 
Grammar page 96-97
During Math we would do a hands on activity. Have your child weigh some items. Point out weight on label etc. Ideas in text book pg 15
Reflex till you get a green light. 
Would be our fun day at school PE, Library & Music
So today be sure to read some stories of your choice 20min at least. 
Share something fun you did in music class with your family. 
Weather permitting do something active outdoors be sure to fill in PE log (sheet on a separate post).
Iready math for 20min. 
Brain pop on adjectives & adverbs 
Grammar page 98-99
Spelling sheet  99
I will breakdown the rest on the week on Thursdays post.
Thank you  and please email with any questions or concerns

Chapter10 math worksheets

This should be the math workbook pages, if you are unable to find them on the Think Central site. While trying to update the due dates I believe I may have lost the assignment. I am not that familiar with this site yet, so I apologize for any inconvenience. I

Assignments during March 16 thru April 3

Hello Room 13 Parents,
All assignments are accessible thru your child's portal. portal.pvpusd.net
The McGraw Hill site we are working on Unit 4 Week 5. I have assigned Practice pages, Spelling and Grammar that can be worked on through out the break. They have access to all text books and short stories so please have them read daily. 
IReady Please have them do 15min. a day Iready reading
Think Central is the site for Math. I have assigned Chapter 10 Weight  Workbook pages 
The book is accessible under library tab
Reflex have them do reflex math until they get a green light daily
Have them write a two paragraphs three times a week about there week. 

Room 13 Update

Jan. 9,2020

Dear Room 13 Parents,

I hope you all had a restful and wonderful winter break. I want to thank you again for all the thoughtful gifts I received for the holiday. It was also so nice to meet with you all during conference time.   The new year is a busy time for first grade. Here is what is happening in Room 13.

Save the Date for Feb. 14th at 8:45 will be the First Grade Love Show in the MPR. The children will be singing, dancing and reciting some poetry. Please have your child wear red, white or pink on that day. They will also be asked to bring a medium sized stuffed animal at the beginning of Feb. to leave at school for the performance.


I will also be working on putting out a new classroom volunteer schedule in the coming weeks. If you would like to help, I can use volunteers Tues. and Thurs. mornings from 9:15-10:25. Send me an email with your preferences. Include preferred day and if you would rather work with small group/one on one or more clerical type tasks.  I know a few of you can’t make T/TH just let me know which day is best and we can make it work.  Thank you for the help during the first half of the year and for all the lovely donations.


In Language Arts we are starting Unit Three. The essential question focuses on how to measure time. So, we will be introducing how to tell time on an analog clock. In reading and writing we are working on identifying and ordering the beginning, middle and end of a story. In the Spring we hope to publish a class book.

In Math we are starting Chapter 7 which focuses on numbers to 20. Working on math facts to twenty at home will be helpful. Reflex math and working with flash cards can help your child memorize these facts.


During conferences there was some interest in more challenging reading homework, so I will send home a sheet that corresponds to the lessons taught from our reading curriculum. You can use these words to enrich the homework. They can write sentence or stories using the weekly spelling word or vocab. You can apply the comprehension skill to other stories they read. Also they can log into portal@pvpusd.net and use the McGraw Hill, Typing.com, Reflex and BrainPOP apps that we use in school. The homework policy is still optional, but I encourage them to do the nightly homework sheet and always read at least 15mins a night.

 Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support. I am so proud of all the progress my class  has made; they are a great group of kids!

Thank you,

Regina Adams


310 377-6731 ex 18213




Book Fair Dec. 9

Dear Parents,
Our classroom time to visit the bool fair is Mon. Dec. 9 from 9-9:30am. If your child chooses to bring money to buy books please put it in a envelope labeled with their name and room number. 
Thank you

2019 classroom volunteer

Here is the  volunteer schedule through Jan.  Your child's name represents your day to volunteer. Please let me know if you have a conflict with the day you were given, 
Please check in at the office to receive a badge,  then come to Room 13 at 9:15 to 10:25.
Thank you,